Warning: Modern Women, DO NOT read this book…

… Because if you do, Modern Women, you will be absolutely horrified, I tell you.

I cannot fully describe how much of a pure travesty this book is. Never has someone claiming she is modern done all she can to destroy every effort women have made to become educated and hard working members of society. Ms. Lord does a terrific job of putting a woman in her place, the kitchen, and the bedroom. As a recent, well-traveled, involve, and sexually active college graduate, this book makes me sick for the women of America, and the world. I fear for the already hormonal and stressed impressionable young girls that are reading this chauvinistic garbage and taking in it’s toxic message, telling women that they should have to ask to orgasm, and that looking at pornography and masturbation AREN’T normal healthy parts of life. I have never been more thankful that I chose years ago to become agnostic. I am also thankful that my parents did not bring me up to hate my body and save myself for marriage and devote my vagina to Christ. [Read more sadness]

You know, it’s always been an aspiration of mine to write a book that gets terrible reviews by angry young feminists. Good show, Mrs. Lord.

In honor of Hallie Lord’s horrible review of her travesty of a book I am now offering one reader a FREE copy of her highly controversial “anti-modern” woman book before throngs of unwashed, promiscuous college women take to the streets burning and banning copies. Enter the rafflecopter giveaway thing-y for a chance to win this book, which no modern woman should read.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can’t wait for the giveaway to end to read all the horribleness within it’s pages; then purchase a copy here.

Nota Bene: To maximize the knowledge this book contains, I suggest reading your copy in the kitchen while making your husband a sandwich. Shoes optional. Pregnant preferable.

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  • Bridget N

    The more a book pisses off feminists, the more I want to read it!

  • http://twitter.com/byzcathwife priest’s wife

    I find it ironic that this book reviewer uses bad grammar in her review

    • Lisa

      Do you know what irony means? Does being a feminist require one to always write grammatically correct? No.

      • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

        I think the irony can be found in the fact the reviewer takes great pride in her college educated-ness yet can barely articulate a coherent thought.

        • Lisa

          Clearly, her comments were coherent enough to get everybody here riled up.

          • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

            I don’t think anyone’s “riled up”. Most just pity the young misguided thing. I find her logic laughably pathetic, but whatever. I’m not known for my patience in dealing with blatant stupidity.

      • Nan Skovran

        While that may be true, being a book reviewer does require grammatical correctness.

        • Lisa

          I’d hardly qualify a person who comments on a book on Amazon.com as a “book reviewer”.

  • Lisa Rickards

    Oh no! I can’t imagine the horror story this must be. Can I have multiple copies, please?

  • Lisa Rickards

    Ok – so I didn’t follow directions. Feminism sucks because it doesn’t allow women to follow the vocations for which we are designed and destined. They just want us to be men with female parts. I don’t know about you, but, in all my years, I have never, ever wanted to be a man, and I don’t intend to start now.

  • ce58

    Reading her comment and thoughts on the book simply made me want to read it. Christ never said living the truth and following Him would be easy… in fact, He said we would be persecuted. Lord, give us the grace to accept it and be more and more like You every day!

  • Aggie

    Sounds like my kind of book.

  • natatomic

    I would like a copy so I can indoctrinate all of my future daughters on how to be the beautiful women God designed them to be, pwahahaha.

  • http://www.facebook.com/takers401 Teresa Carstens

    Should be an interesting read!

  • http://www.kareninmommyland.com/ Karen

    Feminism sucks because it seeks to strip women of the very qualities that make them women and aims to turn them into pseudo-men and sexual objects. Feminism is so intolerant of women who choose to embrace a traditional role. I’d love to win a copy of this book.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joanne-Heintz-Basko/1266546654 Joanne Heintz Basko

    You know the irony of feminism is that these people don’t want to embrace the feminine but rather make women conform to the ideals of a masculine society.

    • http://www.facebook.com/beverly.harlton Beverly Harlton

      I know this was two months ago, but I’ve just found this post. May I please quote you? It’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been saying but in a fraction of the words! :)

  • southerncatholicgirl

    To paraphrase Karen (below), it sucks because women who want a traditional role are seen as somehow lesser or bad women because we’re not doing masculine jobs

  • Orbiter

    I don’t mind a mature feminism that allows women to vote and be respected as equals. However, I despise the extremist feminism that destroy the ideals of a woman, teaching them to disrespect their bodies, calling their conceived children “clumps of cells”, and telling them it’s okay to sleep with as many guys as you want before finding the husband you’re REALLY going to spend the rest of your life with. I’m sure he’ll be happy to know that he wasn’t worth waiting around for.

  • RED

    The bad sort of feminism sucks because many feminists are willing to settle for a life of lesser-manhood, and not become the glorious women they were meant to be.

  • Finicky Cat

    You know, it was the statement that Catholicism – as opposed to our modern culture – is the entity teaching women to “hate their bodies” that really made me want to read this book…

  • Helene

    After reading that very pathetic review, I really want to read the book.

  • http://allthingsgale.blogspot.com Lisa Gale

    because feminists think we have to devote our vagina to a person/place/thing. that is just insanity…

    • Lisa

      Yes, to the owner of the vagina. Herself.

      • Karen

        And you were probably chortling at the Obama campaign ad that exhorted women to “vote as if your lady parts depended on it.” The liberal/modern feminist movement would like to hijack your vagina for political purposes. Hope you’re okay with that.

        • Lisa

          How would they like to “hijack my vagina”? By allowing me the choice to do with it what I please?

          • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

            Hijack in the sense that they manipulated women voters based on a made up fear of losing their “vaginal rights” [?].

  • http://twitter.com/annaliesemaree Annaliese Maree

    Wow, that review was funny and sad all at the same time. Totally makes me want to read the book all the more though!

  • Tiff

    Modern feminism should support women for being women but instead is only willing to support women if they do everything they can to become more like men.

  • Andrea Abate

    Yeah, I was that girl. Then I passed 30….

    • Lisa

      And now what? What future awaits me as a 26-year-old feminist?

      • James H, London

        A long, fulfilling career trying to out-do men… and then, cats. Lots of cats, but no husband.

        Fortunately, you’re still young enough (just!) to avoid it. You have to keep your history as clean as possible, smile a lot, cultivate femininity, and accept that sex is meant for babies, eventually. If you don’t, well, that future is waiting at the door.

  • Patrick

    As a man, I would like to read this, to see what the hubbub is all about. Feminism has always boggled me, especially when I hear young women exlaiming “ugh…I would never want to have kids! [Because it would ruin the sexual idol I've made of my own body.]” T&A (with A also including hips) are what they are for the rearing of children. It is in my wiring as a man to be attracted to a woman who looks like a woman, rather who IS a woman. But then any talk of what the parts are for would lead to a discussion of intentional design or something or other, and in Madame Reviewer’s momentary world in which there is no creator or purpose, or dare I say, Natural Law, then sadly butts and boobs are reduced to, as other commenters have said, purely sexual in a sadly chauvinistic way.

  • Jenna St.Hilaire

    Betting that me and my Catholic girls’ book club friends would all love this one… and the review excerpt is a good example of a few of the reasons I don’t call myself a feminist.

  • Marie Evans

    Modern feminism tells me my worth is bottled up somewhere in between my birth control pills and my wily ways of seducing men. Neither of which I do so… I’m worthless? NOPE. <3 Catholicism.

  • Bstar0306

    Feminism sucks b/c it is confusing!!

  • Brit

    Give me a copy for me to slip to my sisters! They need it!

  • Kate Eichelberger

    I think there is this constant paradox – or even oxymoron – in much of modern feminism. Women are told to be powerful & independent, but they must also be sexy. To be a powerful business woman, you must have sexy pencil skirts and high heels. The message seems to be, “You can be whatever you want – as long as men want you and you’re good in bed.”
    We escaped the Leave-it-to-Beaver serfdom, only to become hardworking sex objects. It doesn’t seem like much of an improvement . . .

  • Nan Skovran

    Is it bad that I’d like to enter Sandra Fluke to win?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1374516140 Erica Searing

    Feminism sucks because it doesn’t allow me to be the girl. I LOVE being the girl! I love having the door held open for me. I revel in the idea that I am protected and treated with respect because I am a woman. I insist that I am treated that way in my marriage and insist that my sons do the same for myself, my daughters, and any woman they come across. There is incredible strenght in submitting to my physical weakness.

  • Cheryl

    Modern feminism is perverted. I refuse to be denigrated because I embrace life and value myself above the shallowness of that worldview. I’d love to read that book!

  • The Catholic Science Geek

    I think feminism started off as a decent movement full of great role models. However, I feel as though it’s been hijacked by crazy people who intend to ride the coattails of women who did a lot of good…all for the sake of propagating the emptiest, saddest lifestyles (that the original feminists would have been disgusted with).

  • BK

    Being an “anti-feminist” in the college setting…is, well, somewhat difficult. I would LOVE to read this book!

  • L.

    I’m definitely a feminist*, by most definitions, and now I want to read the book. I can’t but wonder if this bad review was PLANTED, just to stir up interest? It certainly stirred up mine!

    (*I don’t believe I am entitled to any consideration, respect or protection simply because I have ovaries instead of a penis. In other words, I’m no lady, nor am I raising my daughter to be one, nor my sons to treat women any differently than they treat other men.)

    • Laura M

      No, it wasn’t planted, that’s usually what happens when a “feminist” reads something that says, liberations is not sleeping around, or men are not doormats.

  • Bar b

    I would love to win this book. Modern feminism is nothing but empty rhetoric. The movement had substance during the suffrage but now it is a movement full of misogynists. Feminists don’t stand up for my rights, in fact, they will be the first to throw stones.

  • http://profiles.google.com/christinehebert65 Christine Hebert

    Own it, love it! Poor misguided young young hedonist. I will still share about the giveaway

  • Sarah

    Feminism totally sucks because I have a strong inner “50′s housewife” that would love to make sure the house is spotless and have dinner ready for my guy when he gets home and all that other Stepford Wife junk. Really. But you try to tell someone that’s how you’d like to live and you get some weeeeeeird looks and I get told I’m brainwashed. I thought feminism was supposed to let women have a choice in how they lived? So why can’t I choose this?

    • James H, London

      Sympathies. I’d love to let my wife stay home with the girls – but we just can’t afford it.

  • Natalie

    Wow, so much hate in the review…

  • Natalie

    It saddens me that feminism says women have to believe that demeaning (to all involved) sex outside of marriage is ok.

    P.S. I love your note at the end :-)

    • Lisa

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard a feminist say “demeaning sex is okay.” I sure have never said that.

  • James H, London

    For some reason, your Nota Bene was quite a turn-on… phew!

  • Renee

    But she is ‘well-traveled’!!!

    As someone with an education myself, really there is nothing wrong with knowing how to cook and there is nothing wrong with the bedroom. It’s a pretty pleasant place, especially with my husband by my side. My house is like my own little heaven, just lounging about talking, eating, and having fun with him and the children

    It is called home, and I love it here. It’s a really wonderful place, in a diverse city that struggles. I surrounded by people. I don’t need to be ‘well-traveled’ in fact my city is one of those ‘touristy’ places, that is marketed to the writer like herself to visit.

  • Cam

    Can’t wait to read this book!

  • Gretchen Peters

    seems most feminists are bitter and rude, kind of like liberals. I’d love to win this book!

    • Lisa

      Your comment is also rude.

      • TulasiPriya

        Since Gretchen’s comment wasn’t directed at anybody personally, it’s not rude, merely opinionated. Rather than nitpick at others’ comments, why not address the ideas being discussed?

  • Meredith

    I find it a bit strange that most feminists don’t want to be reduced to a sexual object, and yet her criticism focuses exclusively on genital activity.

  • Rebecca

    I lived that life. It brought me nothing but shame and misery.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Susan-Lee/1362427184 Susan Lee

      Yes, Rebecca, so did I and with the same results. I’m just blessed I found Catholicism and repented of my sins, although they are ever before me!

  • Samantha

    would love some propaganda forChristmas ;)

  • JoAnna Wahlund

    She apparently thinks that Catholic women have been brainwashed from birth to believe that they are forbidden from getting an education, must have 10 kids in 10 years, etc. I don’t think she realizes that many of us are adult converts or reverts who lived the lifestyle she describes and found it empty and meaningless.

  • Amanda

    Modern feminism supposedly is, simply put, a lie.

    • Amanda

      Oops..I meant to put “Modern feminism, simply put, is a lie.

  • Pam

    So many wise women have commented before me, I only echo their view. Feminism began as a revolt against a lack of choices and options for women but now seems to have become a movement of intolerance, trying to silence the views and choices of “traditional” feminist roles. They don’t see the irony that their worn-out phrase of “don’t impose your values on me” is exactly what they are trying to do.

  • Heather

    It’s unfortunate that feminism is defined to be at odds with religion and domesticity. You shouldn’t have to pick either or.

  • Catie Klocke

    Now I’m REALLY excited to read this book! So sad what the culture feeds us as truth and fulfillment! Praying for this young woman…

  • catie

    So sad what our culture feeds us as truth all in the name of women’s rights. Praying for this young woman. Would love to read this book!

  • Suzanne

    I will most certainly read this… whilst wearing a fascinator, vacuuming the living room, with dinner for my husband in the oven, in an apron and modest heels. Donna Reed should be so proud.

  • Karen

    Feminism sucks because it’s been hijacked from the original purpose–to allow women to choose their paths with fewer cultural restrictions–into bullying women into believing that the Pill isn’t a carcinogen, abortion is safer than pregnancy and birth, and we don’t need men for anything but sperm donors.

  • Jeanne G.

    Feminism sucks because it makes women out to be more important, and quite often better, than men. However, for women to demonstrate they’re just as good as a man in feminism’s eyes, they have to become worse.

  • Katie M.

    That review was so sad, but your comments here made me chuckle! I never win these giveaways but here goes anyway!

  • Laura M

    “As a recent, well-traveled, involve, and sexually active college graduate…” they can’t seem to stop throwing around their “credentials” evytime they say something, can they?

  • Margaret Mary

    Poor feminists! They claim to open up the world to women, but only if you agree with their vision of what that means.

  • Courtney F.

    Wow. Maybe the winner should send a thank-you note to the “modern” authoress of that comment. :) Complete with a photo of the barefoot-sandwich-making reading session. ;)

  • Kate

    How sad that she should be so terrified of her femininity…

  • Steph C

    I was a 20- something in the 90′s, wearing my “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” t-shirt & regurgitating my professors’ feminist philosophy back to them for A’s and praise…it was easy and boring, but I couldn’t figure out why life sucked, despite serial monogamous sexual relationships with boyfriends…

    Later finding authentic Catholic teaching on sexuality, the dignity of women and God’s true plan for marriage was the most enlightening and mentally challenging ongoing mental, physical and spiritual exercise that I had (& have) encountered.

    I exhort the feminists commenting here to not rely on carefully parsed snippets of doctrine to condemn the Catholic Church’s teaching. Dig in to the 2.000 years of writings and really study up, as if you were getting another degree!

    With that said…I’d love to win another copy of this book, pretty please!

  • Micaela

    It’s been said by most of the women before me, but here goes anyway. Feminism sucks because it is misleading. Rather than being celebrated for our womanhood, we are told (by feminism) that we must become like men.

  • Clare

    Modern feminism has totally lost sight of one of the early goals of feminism – protecting women from being forced into the workplace at the expense of their families. It has erected artificial and unnecessary barriers between the sexes and has left women bankrupt.

  • Zeet

    I agree with Orbiter, mature feminism (right to vote, own property, respect) is not a bad thing. Actually it is quite a good thing when you look at how women are treated around the world. However, extreme feminism that only has one view of what a woman should be and/or do is harmful and distructive not just to women to but all of society.

  • Martha

    Too funny (Katrina’s comments, of course), and too sad. Will be praying for Annie and the “throngs of unwashed, promiscuous college women” everywhere.

    Seriously, trying not to laugh! And cry. :(

  • MamaMidwife

    Modern Feminism – selling true femininity for a pack of pills and the “right” to murder your children. FAIL.
    (It really sucks that you have to have a twitter account to actually participate fully in the giveaway. I am not a big fan of “raffles” like such. Meh.)

  • Jordan Guernsey

    Ah Tiff totally said it beautifully and concisely. Real empowerment is being respected as a real, natural woman, not as a man-icised woman!

  • Emily C

    Yes, of course. If only I were more liberated, committed more sins, then I would be happier! Right? Never you mind that my husband and children are more awesome than anything I ever did in college…Go, Hallie, go!

  • Margaret

    Feminism takes away true, real freedom for women.

  • jj

    the Truth shall set you free- not my imagined up pseudo-truth that really is just an excuse for my ignorant behavior.

  • http://twitter.com/Tapine101 Teresa

    Feminism sucks because it doesn’t look at women in a holistic and holy way!

  • Melia

    The problem I have with modern feminism is the same problem I have with the patriarchy of yesteryear – it tries to put all women into an easily definable category. As others have said, some women like being housewives or being protected and loved by their menfolk. It has no bearing on their intelligence, their view of themselves, or what they think other women should do. And this is coming from a trouser-wearing tomboy who finds make up and high heels a mystery.
    I would buy the book, but I’d probably have to ask the menfolk in my life first, since as a woman I am incapable of using a computer and I frequently break my thumb trying to use a keyboard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/caytie82 Cassi Duncan

    I find it amusing that 5 out of 190 people have found this review helpful. It restores may faith in humanity. :)

  • Little Boy Blue

    Thank you for posting, Katrina. As a young fellow who is quite fond of lady-folk who know their own worth and could KO a guy who doesn’t also see her as such, it is nice to see that so many women do in fact get it. Unfortunately, modern “feminists” are not among you. The initial intentions of modern day feminism come from (more or less) a good place, but miss the mark when carried out.

    For example, they say that purity and modesty are sexist ideas imposed on women by men. On one hand, this is true, if we are using what the modern secular world means by purity and modesty; that is, “you’re only worth anything if you are beautiful and are a virgin”, in essence.
    While that alone IS wrong, the fact is that is not what the Church means when She uses those terms.

    I’ve read elsewhere that some modern feminists follow that mentality, and yet support the pornography industry (which, in my lifetime, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see die a slow painful death. But that’s just me. I’m a boy. I like explosions.).

    Or those topless demonstrations for Against Violence Towards Women? Noble cause, but wrong way to do so. In effect, they are saying “Our chests are no more attractive than yours. We are equal and will be treated as such. Womens’ Rights! Freedom! Yeah! Woo!”

    I’m sorry for ranting. But still, from these “hip-young-right-out-of-college-pro-abortion-anti-church-we-are-the-new-generation” weirdos; Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife!