Setting Aside Our Differences to Fight Abortion, Can It Be Done …

… Abortion is evil. It is the evil that’s the root of modern society’s problems. As long as abortion exists human life with be valued by arbitrary measures like convenience and quality. Life will be conditional; conditional on if you are physically or mentally competent, a nuisance to family members, or if someone wants you or not. This devaluing of human life leaves no room for treating all people with equal dignity.

It is because of my strong feelings towards the evil of abortion and the harm it’s done that I want to see it end. I want to see an end to abortion above all else. In my very adamant and vocal opinion, ending abortion is the most important thing ever. That’s why pro-life groups who place their religious differences in front of ending abortion are groups that do more harm than good.

Sam Rocha writes,

Imagine a scenario where you must either (a) oppose a person or organization that supports a cause you deeply and fully support or (b) disregard insult and injury toward your religious faith for the sake of the cause you support.

He does pose an interesting scenario that’s not hard to imagine at all, especially in light of the anti-Catholic agenda of a group of pro-life activists called Abolish Human Abortion. Some have criticized my tone in this post as too harsh; however, I view the tone I used as completely apropos for the insults hurled at my beliefs. You can’t call someone’s mother a whore and than complain when you get your ass handed back to you on a platter. It’s basic playground rules that even school kids understand and accept.

So Sam poses his scenario. To which I reply, it wholly depends on whether or not there exists an understanding between both parties to lay those differences aside to seek a common goal. Which brings me back to Abolish Human Abortion. They’ve made it abundantly clear they do not consider Catholics real Christians and therefore do not want to ally with us on this matter. They mock our practices, like marches and praying the rosary, and jumped on any chance to stomp on our character. The hubris involved in arguing religious purity over the importance of saving babies detracts from the mission at hand. So in this instance, I answer Sam with a “No, I cannot place these differences aside”. Largely because AHA refuses to.

Posted 1-23-13, just days before the March For Life.

Yes, it is a shame. They are a popular group with a large following, but they aren’t the only group around. To me it’s not worth the aggravation to be associated with them or support their group. Not when there are so many other pro-life groups who are big enough to lay personal & religious differences aside for the issue at hand. And yes, they have neat graphics and that drop card idea of theirs is pretty sweet. But look what you can do in this modern age of technology…

I made this at Vista Print in under two minutes. Of course it looks like it took me two minutes to slap together but you get the idea. You can tailor your own cards to include the local numbers of area pregnancy support centers or your own parish’s pro-life ministry, all without promoting a group that spreads anti-Catholic bigotry.

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  • scottxx1122

    good what a wacko

  • Ben

    Preventing a woman from having the fundamental right to chose what is best for her is more important than breathing? Wow. No wonder AHA doesn’t want to associate with Catholics. “I want to see an end to abortion above all else. “

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Breathing? I’m sorry all I see in your comment is this…

    • Barbara Fraser Valencia

      Choose what?

  • allan fabrick

    Abortion is a personal matter best left to a women and her physician. You may hate abortion but that is your opinion it is not mine and I don’t appreciate you trying to force your opinions on the rest of us. We are a multicultural society with many views and opinions. For a minority (and you are a minority) to force its views on the majority will be a disaster, just look at the so called war on drugs.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Yes, I scoured the internet to single you out and forced your eyes open to read this post. Abortion is not a personal matter. Abortion is murder. You do believe murder is wrong, or is that just your personal opinion that murder is ok?

  • Me

    “Abortion is evil. It is the evil that’s the root of modern society’s problems”

    Yeah, “killing” a clump of cells is WAY more evil than molesting actual children. Because with the clump of cells a thing that could have one day been a child dies without pain, but with a child being molested no one dies! Never mind the fact that that child will be scarred for life at best, and worst will kill themselves over the abuse, all that matters is that cells don’t die!

    You’re pathetic. You crusade for a cause that gives you purpose supposedly because it’s about good and evil, but good and evil go out the window when it comes to supporting your favorite religious organization. And just to be clear here, I’m not picking on Catholics; I’m picking on ANY organization that supports the abuse of children. But as recent filings (that the church fought very hard to suppress) have shown, the church has done everything it can to ensure that child molesters don’t face punishment, and thus continue to abuse again.

    So go waste your life protecting clumps of cells that factually ARE NOT babies. Defend those un-thinking pre-babies while real true evil is going on and damaging actual, thinking, feeling human beings. Ignore the fact that that evil continues with the explicit support of the very same organization that tells you clumps of cells are so important. Because that’s what makes you feel better about yourself right? You’re on the side of “good”.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I am sorry you still hold to the long disproved “clump of cells” argument. Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of human development knows that even at eight weeks gestation an infant has fingers and toes, a heartbeat, and responds to exterior stimulus like sounds. Your ignorance is shocking.

    • Barbara Fraser Valencia

      You saying its a clump of cells doesn’t make it so. You dehumanizing it doesn’t remove its humanity. You don’t “choose” when it becomes a baby. It’s a baby, you choose whether to kill it or let it grow. You can try to bury the child’s human dignity in word mulch, but the corpse will still stink.

    • john kenny

      ” And just to be clear here, I’m not picking on Catholics; I’m picking on ANY organization that supports the abuse of children”” … ok just to be doubly sure i take it you dont support planned parenthood then since they have been caught so many times covering up the sexual abuse of underage girls?

  • Dark Reaver

    Odd, I though the Evil was Catholic priests raping children and a Nazi Youth Pope protecting these so called “holy” men.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Yawn. When you have nothing intelligent to say result to the laziest argument. You do realize that school teachers molest more children than priests? No, probably not. You’re hatred has warped your reason.

    • Rednec Catholic

      Gee, Dark Reaver, I though one of the pervasive evils was bigotry that ignores facts like the one that points out that where 1 in 3 men in the general population have had sex with minors, it’s like 3 in 100 priests, and ignores the fact that the Pope was forced to join the Hitler youth, along with 1000s of other catholic youth, and even the pervasive and corrosive effects of sectarian bigotry. Oh wait, you don’t care, because you are under the influence of what ever is fashionable, because looking at facts, historical and sociological, is too damned hard.

  • Epmcmaho

    here is a good rule of thumb: do you have a vagina? If yes, you are entitled to your opinion or beliefs. If no, then shut the f*** up. A woman has the right to choose what to do with HER OWN BODY. It would be unconstitutional to create laws that would take those rights away. Arguing about this is infuriating. If you are a woman and do no believe in abortion, then do not have one. You are entitled to your beliefs, but stop pushing them on others. A WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS TO HER BODY END OF DISCUSSION!!!

    • Katrina Fernandez

      And what of the rights of the child? That is where we need to start the discussion, not end it. Oh, and men are allowed to have opinions on abortion. It’s their fatherhood as much as it is motherhood for a woman.

    • Barbara Fraser Valencia

      If you don’t believe in female genital mutilation, then don’t do it. You are entitled to your beliefs but stop pushing them on others. If you don’t believe in killing a wayward daughter to protect the family honor than don’t commit an act of honor killing, you are entitled to your beliefs but don’t force them on Muslims who believe otherwise. If you don’t believe in slave owning, then don’t own slaves. You are entitled to your beliefs but stop pushing them on slave owners. Funny how relativism falls flat on its face when other human lives are impacted by your “beliefs”

  • Epmcmaho

    there is plenty of evil in this world that trumps abortions. Rape, war, child sexual abuse, violent hate crimes, racism, religious intolerance, homophobia, etc…etc. Why not focus on those things instead of trying to set back women`s rights.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      All the evils that you describe are allowed to exists because we place little value on human life or view human beings as objects for use. That is why ending abortion is so important,

  • jtc

    God bless you, Katrina, for speaking the truth. Don’t let the haters get to you. It is no one’s right to take the life of another, no matter how tiny that other might be.

  • Renee King-Alliegro

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why trolls come to Catholic sites – or any site, for that matter – that they do not agree with and spew their satanic pro-abortion garbage. Really, people, just go the Planned Parenthood site and comment there. I am so tired of the trite, nonsensical arguments that are based on nothing but hate. Kat, I give you credit for even entertaining them. God bless you, girl!

  • Barbara Fraser Valencia

    Katrina, is it just me or did you just get the same commenter four times? Get a clue pro abortbots, tearing a baby limb from limb is bad, yes even worse then racismsexismhomophobiaintolerancepoverty. A woman has a right to do what she wants with her own body, not someone else’s, and definitely not a child she conceived and has a moral obligation to protect and provide for. And yes, I have a vagina, not that it matters. The pro-choice philosophy is positively reptilian. I will do what I like and screw the vulnerable people who get in under my wheels.

  • HurtByAHA

    Amen Crescat. Thank you for this post. Truth.

  • lpmdch128

    First, I did not intend to post the same thing four times, my computer froze. (as epmcmaho)

    Second, I am not a troll that looks for these kinds of web pages. In fact, I avoid these types of articles at costs. It showed up on my google news feed and I regretfully read all this disgraceful article.

     Third, my comment about not wanting to hear the opinion of a man is more directed to those men of power such as congressmen, senators, lawmakers…etc. who openly discuss this. the very discussion threatens my rights which I take very seriously. 

    You all are entitled to your own opinions, as am I. Being a rape survivor, this topic is extremely important to me. So excuse me for coming off a little hostile, what’s your excuse?

      Furthermore, a woman that is faced with this extremely hard decision should not be called evil. In the recovery room, I did not witness women happy with their choice. I saw women curled up painfully on their beds, faces pale, crying silently to themselves. Whatever their reason for their choice, these women should certainly not be called murderers.  It is their right to choose, as many of you agree. With that being said, do not turn around and call these women evil or satanic, when they exercise their right and have to live with the pain and guilt of their decision.  How dare you all and shame on you. You have no clue as to why, you just criticize the act. 

    Lastly, what happens to all your ‘saved’ children? What happens to the child born to a family that cannot afford to put food on the table? What happens to the child given up for adoption that is adopted but brought up in a toxic or abusive environment? What happens to the child given up for adoption that is not adopted, then forced to live his or her life in and extremely flawed foster care system. Why don’t you focus on Fighting for their rights. 

    So have your beliefs and discussions, I will have mine. as long as my rights are not taken away, I could careless what you all think or have to say. 

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Oh. I see you are new here. And I don’t mean that in a condescending way. We have much in common. My first sexual experience was a rape. And I have had two abortions. You will never find me or any comment here try to shame women who are post abortive. I do not even publish comments of that nature. However, it is well to note that abortion is evil and it is murder. Anytime you willfully take a life it is murder.No one has called any post abortive woman evil or satanic, just victims of their poor choices. I think it is heartbreaking that you witness how hurtful the after effects of abortion are yet you still advocate that abortion is a good thing for women. You saw women balled up and crying and you still think this is a good thing, or a viable choice?

      And, by your own logic being poor is a death sentence now? Being an orphan is a crime punishable by death? We are to kill children now because of the situation their parents happen to conceive them in? This is absurd and I think you are reasonably intelligent to know this.

      Lastly, abortion is not about women’s rights or reproductive rights… it’s about human rights. To advocate for it is to advocate against the basic human right to live.

    • Barbara Fraser Valencia

      I know this may seem like a bizarre concept to you, but there are some things that are just wrong regardless of how we feel about them, or regardless of what we personally believe. Rape is one of those things. There is no mitigating circumstance in the world that ever makes it right or neutral, not the drunkenness or madness of the rapist, nor the fact that the victim was wearing something provocative, nor the perpetrator’s cultural background or religious beliefs. Similarly, taking a human life is always wrong, even if the person weeps while doing it. A human life is in all ways and at all times precious and inviolable. Killing someone is simply wrong, a violation, an act of destruction. It can’t be made clean with tears, or excuses, or euphemisms such as “choice”. When you have an abortion you aren’t “making a choice”, you are asking or paying a doctor to open your cervix, put sharp instruments in your body, cut your baby into tiny pieces, suck out the remains and throw them out with the trash. That is wrong. You are violating a tiny, fragile human being who had absolutely no “choice” in the matter. This is not a “religious belief”, it’s a fact. You would not like to live in a world where right and wrong become matters of individual opinion, trust me. In terms of rape itself, it wasn’t too long ago the wrongness of that crime was considered as arbitrary as you are making killing.

    • Sally Thomas

      So, to clarify, this would be your bottom-line position?

      “There clearly is no logical or moral distinction between a fetus and a young baby; free availability of abortion cannot be reasonably distinguished from euthanasia. Nevertheless we are for it. It is too facile to say that human life is always sacred; obviously it is not.”

      “The Unborn and the Born Again,” editorial, The New Republic, July 1977

      (source:, a site run by Sarah Terzo, a member of Secular Pro-Life and Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians, so not a purveyor of any Catholic agenda or a supporter of any repressive anti-woman theocratic conspiracy, either. She seems to be interested merely in human rights, and in truth.)

      • lpmdch128

        Please read my most recent post and try to understand it in it’s entirety, not nit pick and twist what it is I am trying to say.

  • FuquaySteve

    The comments that are offensive to our beliefs are just a reminder of how far our culture has fallen. Have faith that the Truth prevails in the long run and know that this reader greatly appreciates your courage and commitment to presenting it, even if it brings out those demons that wander the virtual world seeking the ruin of souls.

  • FuquaySteve

    There are demons who roam the virtual world seeking the ruin of souls and they occasionally find their way here. They only assail those that reveal and present the Truth. That knowledge should make you stronger. Also, know that your courage to reveal your past sins brings forth much compassion and heart-felt prayers for you and your entire family. Thank you for the courage and commitment you demonstrate to the making it ‘real’.

  • lpmdch128

    Reply to Katrina Fernandez:

    Yes, I am new here and I was posting as epmcmaho before my pad went on the fritz.(My apologies for any typos)

    Let me make it clear that I never post anything on these kinds of sites, it showed up on my news feed and I, regretfully, read it.

    Before I continue, thank you for sharing with me and I am sorry you went through what you did. I know how painful it is.

    With that being said (Please keep in mind I am not directing this solely towards you. Sometimes I may say ‘you’ but remember that I am also addressing the other comments posted)

    Even though you say you are not trying to shame women, you are. Let me explain:

    Abortion is a hard choice to make and women that have abortions decided to do so as a result of very serious circumstances. Living with that pain and loss is more than enough.

    I do not need to be called a pro-choice troll, or troll in general, or told my philosophy is positively reptilian, or that my advocating pro-choice is satanic. That is hateful, terribly cruel and those who use that kind of terminology should be ashamed of
    themselves. It spreads hate.

    Hatred and intolerance is the root of society’s problems, not abortion.

    Regardless of how you may feel about abortion, or how terrible choosing to have an abortion is, it is no one’s place to abolish it or try to abolish it. It is my body, and my
    laws. I choose what happens to it. If it is the only viable choice, then it is the only viable choice. Do not throw your opinions around when you do not WHY, but only that you THINK it is BAD.

    Also, Please do not take a painful experience I shared with you and try and turn it to suit your argument. I told you about those women and my experience so you and others would KNOW AND UNDERSTAND that nothing about abortion is easy or good but that it is certainly not evil and certainly not the root of society’s problems (Evil in the biblical sense of the word or evil in the way that it labels a woman as “being evil” or being an evil person. Please find a different way to express yourselves and your beliefs. Do not use name calling, it is positively childish.)

    (Since you have had one, you must understand the pain and guilt more than most).

    Women who have had an abortion go through and experience more than enough pain and these women should not be further insulted or criticized. Abortion is typically, and should always be, a last resort after weighing all OTHER options. And it should be an option available to ALL women no matter HOW she became pregnant. When that decision is reached, do not criticize her for making poor choices…. Or criticize her on any level.

    I never said that it was GOOD OR RIGHT, I merely said it is a woman’s right and they should not be made to feel evil for it or be labeled a murderer.

    You say you would never shame a woman, but you are. Those words do and Defining abortion in that way causes a woman to feel shame and therefore be shamed for her choice.

    No pro-choice person has EVER argued that abortions are GOOD, the argument was never about that. It is about having the RIGHT to make your own decisions.

    Unfortunately, you cannot agree that a woman has the right to decide what
    happens to her body and then turn around and call her a murderer. It becomes
    a slippery slope.

    If you define abortion as murder, making the woman who has or had an abortion a murderer and therefore, by definition, a criminal, then should you also condemn that woman as a criminal for her decision?

    In a court of law, convicted murderers should be held accountable, right? (And in some states that means the death penalty or life in prison). Is the goal making abortion illegal so that those who have one are criminals?

    Are you of the opinion that women who have abortions should be arrested, tried, and convicted as murderers and then have to ‘answer for their crimes’ by either serving a life sentence in prison or being sentenced to death?

    Where does it stop?

    What do the Pro-lifers honestly hope to accomplish?

    Why label abortions in this manner? Unless, at some stage, you believe it should
    become so? And in becoming so, you take away a woman’s control over her own body.

    The end result in every pro-lifer’s debate or discussion is that abortion should become illegal. Why do you think I, and others, become so angry? Do you honestly believe people who support pro-choice are running around saying “yay, we love abortions!” “ Let us have abortions…hooray!” “Do not take our abortions away!” “I WANTto end my pregnancy!”??

    NO!!! We say: “do not take away my right to choose!”

    Don’t your classifications and identifiers label all women who have had abortions as evil, bad, murderers, careless, unresponsible…etc. and therefore cause them additional, and unnecessary, pain?

    I can tell you reading this article and most of the posts made me fell incredibly hurt, insulted, depressed, and infuriated.

    How can people, who think they are so good, say such carelessly hurtful things???

    Additionally, PLEASE read what I wrote….I never said being born into poverty should be a death sentence or being an orphan should be a death sentence. I said NOTHING of the sort. … I asked you, and all others on this site: Why not fight for those (as defined in a previous post) children’s rights. Refocus all that energy on that cause and leave these arguments for another time.

    In a perfect world abortion would not be necessary, but this world is far from perfect, and abortion rights are not the problem. I do not see a huge debate about these children. You cannot deny that there are infants born every day who are put up for adoption, or are born into less than ideal circumstances. I do not see anyone fighting so vigilantly for them; fighting to end starvation in our own country; or fighting the extremely flawed social services system…Advocating for those children who were allowed to fall through the cracks. What kind of life are you all imagining for those forgotten children….because I guarantee you; it is far from good…

    But they are “saved” right? So your part is done? And you can wash your hands of the matter?

    I was adopted, and although my parents loved me very much, I grew up in a very toxic environment. An environment in which I witnessed an alcoholic father routinely scream at a very mousy and scared mother; An environment in which I was sexually abused by another member of my family until I was 16. If it happened to me, it is
    happening to many like me.

    Women who chose to give up their children for adoption HOPE for the best, but there is no guarantee that her child will be well taken care of.

    Where are their advocates?? This is not to say every child is forgotten, but far too many are.

    When I visited local foster homes, I learned just how bad it actually is. These children felt forgotten and unimportant. They felt that society did not care. And to some extent, they were correct…

    In addition, I do not see an abundance of support networks for single, low income mothers, or pregnant women who cannot afford to support a child, or a pregnant woman who must consider abortion … granted there are SOME in place… but more often than not I hear criticism, not support or understanding, aimed at these
    individuals for getting pregnant in the first place. Thus continuing the cycle
    of hatred and continuing to shun and shame them, making them feel as
    if they have nowhere else to turn.

    With that being said, my comments above are not to say this is why women should have abortions…I was simply asking to direct your focus to those children…since the question was raised ”and what about the rights of the child?”

    And the child, for your information, is not a child until it is born. The correct term for an unborn infant is fetus. Fetus (derived from the Latin word Fetus: bringing forth of young, hence that which is born, young still in the womb) Fetus meaning: the young of an animal in the womb, or egg, especially in the later stages of development when the body structures are recognizable form of its kind, in humans after the end of the second month of gestation (8 weeks).

    Moreover, I do not believe it is just a lump of cells. Bear in mind, however, that at some stage it was just a lump of cells. Also, keep in mind that the fetus is not self-aware or able to form memories, or even conscious of where they are or what is going on; Even though many argue to the contrary. (Every study there is, there is an equivalent, researched, and medically or scientifically supported opposing argument).

    Lastly, This IS about woman’s rights. By trying to abolish abortion, or by marching on Washington, or by petitioning and protesting, or through discussion and debate, or through criticism, or by wanting or trying to overturn Roe v Wade….you
    are threatening MY rights…this very discussion and these very acts comes off as a threat… and it is not okay. I am sure thousands of women would agree.

    And now to push discussion into the absolutely absurd:

    What happens when you reach your goal? What happens if a woman’s right to choose is overturned? What if “evil” abortion is abolished? What happens to your rights to contraceptives? What happens to your daughter’s right? Where does it stop? When does it stop? You take away one, what will follow?? If a woman cannot decide what happens to her own body, then why should she have a say in what happens in our society. Let’s overturn a woman’s right to vote as well. Or better yet, let us just have a method in which we can decide and dictate who is allowed to have
    children and who is not. (Sounds quite CRAZY,doesn’t it?)