In Other News, Mary Magdalene…

… I know it’s an exciting news day. The Pope’s in Rio taking a joy ride and throwing caution to the wind.

Kate had her baby.

But bosh all that. I have more important things to post about. Today is my patron saint day, the memorial of St. Mary Magdalene. The first penitent. The only other woman who was closest to Christ besides His Mother. Mary, whom much was forgiven. Mary, whose love of the Lord was profoundly great.

Carlo Dolci


Domenico Fetti

Franz Anton Maulbertsch

Giambattista Pittoni

Guido Reni

Piero Di Cosimo

Simon Vouet

Vecellio Tiziano

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  • AK

    A FB post from Fr. Jeff Poirot today, ” Fr. Jeff Poirot Today at 8:31am · Today is the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene. We remember her as one if the first to see Jesus after the resurrection. But also we remember and celebrate her as a woman of faith without fear. She was with Jesus and his apostles not only as he was preaching and teaching but she was at the foot of the cross and the first at the tomb while many of the others were fearful of what might happen to them. She was a woman of faith without fear and is an example to us of how we should not be afraid of living what we believe and showing to others by the way we are each day. Be a person of faith without fear today.”

    In my opinion, you emulate this fearless faith in many of your blog posts. Thanks for that, it is inspiring.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Thank you, sincerely.

  • frdlongenecker

    Please change the name of this blog to “The Chupacabra”.