Russians Having Fun. Is Outrage …

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill has urged Russians to have less fun and spend more of their free time in seclusion.

On July 11, Kirill said there was “more fun than needed” in the life of Russians.

He said people spent a lot of their energy working and should occupy their time in isolated, quiet places instead of celebrating during their vacations. [Source]

Pope Francis states long faces can’t proclaim Jesus. Patriarch Kirill is unimpressed. Slavic Christianity is genetically dour. Is feature. Is not bug. Yiayia say so.

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  • victor

    On the other hand have you SEEN what the Russians consider fun these days? Dasboard cam videos, anyone?

  • EllaM

    Yes, as one priest told me: “The Russians have a virtue we American’s don’t. They know how to suffer and seem to make a hobby of it! Maybe this is why Our Lady takes such great interest in their conversion.”

  • Manny

    The Patriarch may have a point. If Americans had less fun there would be less college partying, less alcoholism, less unmarried sex, less abortions, less of a lot of things that are problems. Fun is a relative term. There is good and decent fun and bad fun. I assume the Patriarch is talking about the bad fun.

    • Eugene Edward Yeo

      Um… that would be sin, not fun. I am, shockingly enough, able to have quite a bit of fun in the company of the opposite sex without sex, drugs and booze. I have had this apparently rare ability my whole life, even during college.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Ha! I once knew a Polish Roman Catholic, here visiting her family for a while. Whenever anybody took her picture, she would frown….

  • 2RC2

    I wonder if he’s ever **met** any Russians?

  • Steve

    I think he’s talking about the out-of-control alchoholism and reckless driving in Russia. Stuff like that. I think Russian men have an exceptionally low life expectancy compared to their women or men of other European countries because of those things. That’s probably what he was referring to

    And I should point out, JPII was part of Slavic Christianity. Poles are Slavs.

  • oregon catholic

    Maybe it’s because of where the culture is headed?