Country Crescat …

… Things I’ve seen in my back yard; rabbits, deer, skunks, chupacabra or possibly a bear, coyotes, raccoon, snakes, and a confused, inebriated redneck who wandered onto my property. It only stands to reason that my cat would befriend an opossum and my son would subsequently name it Potemius Crouch and feed it table scraps.

I feel like I’m one jug of moon shine away from this …

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  • Eugene Edward Yeo

    You know, I can *send* you a jug of moonshine…

  • Stephen Lowe

    You are not there yet, wait til you find a beaver in your driveway, slapping his/her tail on the pavement. That’s miller time.

  • Hilary Jane Margaret White

    Have you ever had moonshine? I have. It was a cold night half way up the side of Mt. Ranier. It was pretty awesome.

    Kind of like Grappa, only not as strong.