Cranky Crescat…

… Oh thank goodness. Wedding season is over. I don’t think I could take another Saturday of staring at this while I wait in line to make my confession…

Ladies please. Have some decency.

Even Brit Brit wore more material than that to church.

What? I know I was going to try and write about love and junk. But it’s summer, my notoriously cranky season.

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  • victor

    I wish to express my appreciation for this post.


    All those bare bridesmaid backs and only one tattoo?

    • Sarah S

      The rest had the tramp stamp ;).

  • ModerateMom17

    I just don’t get the strapless thing. WHY. It’s not flattering! On anyone!

  • CSmith

    When the first picture popped up, I thought, “What are all those naked people doing in church?” heh
    Summer is my cranky season too. Man, I hate sun screen and humidity and mosquitoes! If it weren’t for the fresh tomatoes, watermelon, and Concord grape pies, I’d just write the entire season off.

  • Mary E.

    Let’s just say that someone close to me chose a strapless wedding gown because her husband-to-be always praised her attire when she wore something strapless. That’s the kind of thinking that went into the decision, and I imagine that’s typical.

  • GoodCatholicGirl

    What I find hard to believe is that people would have the chutzpah to go into a church (un)dressed that way! I know women would rant and rave, but I think churches need to discuss this with brides before the wedding. When I was very young, I was in a wedding and the bridesmaids wore what at that time was considered bare (basically cut-in sleeveless); the women in the shop told us we couldn’t go into the church that way so they made matching shawls to wear during the ceremony. Seems like a reasonable solution.

  • Cathy R.

    So, why didn’t the pastor say something (they used to)?

  • terentiaj63

    At a wedding in my town, the bride waddled her way to the altar in one of those mermaid dresses, sleeveless, backless, tight around the hips to the knees then flaring out. When she got to the altar, the priest looked at the groom and said, “Take off your jacket and cover that woman.” Come to think of it, tho, this was nearly 20 yrs ago. Not sure if the priests today would have the courage.

  • Sharon

    Surely the priest could set a dress code and if the bride didn’t wish to follow it they could be married somewhere else. Royal brides of all religions and their bridesmaids cover their shoulders and don’t have breasts thrusting out of the top of their gowns when being married in a church.