Sometimes even incredibly blasphemous things can serve a purpose…

… Like to remind us that we should be making serious reparations for our sins and the sins of others.

August 6, 2013 ( – Although Facebook has blocked accounts belonging to Christian ministries, Sarah Palin fans, and a Fox News commentator as offensive, a page that states the “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted” is still going strong.

The blasphemous page’s administrators – who say they are women in their 20s going by the names “Z” and “Lilith” so believers “don’t hunt us down and kill us for our beliefs” – revile all religious belief and believers while glorifying abortion and drug use.

The website says that God raped the Virgin Mary and that the world would be better off if Jesus Christ had been aborted.[Source]

Things like this don’t anger so much as frighten me. Everybody knows talking about someone else’s momma are fighting words. I don’t imagine God finds much humor in the mockery of His Mother or the idea that His Son should have been aborted.

And While it’s doubtful Facebook will take any action against the offending page we can still actively counter the effects of such blasphemies. But with a “tweetfest” and a half an hour of prayer? That’s cute.

Our Lady of Fatima is not impressed.

Our Lady’s plan is founded on three simple, but powerful requests. The first is a request for prayer, most particularly the Holy Rosary prayed daily and the devotion of the Brown Scapular. The second calls for us to make reparation for the sins and outrages perpetrated against God’s Grace and blasphemies against the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The third request is for consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Oh, and then there’s going to mass the first five Saturdays. Which means you may have to go to mass TWO days in a row! Horror of horrors!

So yeah… make serious reparations, people. Pray like your life and the life of someone else depends on it, because it literally does. Being an internet slacktivist isn’t going to keep anyone out of hell.

UPDATED 8/7/2013 @ 9:40 pm – Surprisingly, Facebook did remove the page. It took all of 4 seconds for the admins to get it up and running again at “Virgin Mary STILL Should’ve Aborted“. Like cockroaches. A few people have me asked how to report it specifically as hate speech since Facebook has made all those recent changes… so here goes.

1- Click on the down arrow next to “Message”
2- Select “report”
3- Click on “It shouldn’t be on facebook” <- this is the ONLY way to report hate speech
4- It will give you some choices as to why. Click “hate speech”
5- a menu will give you the option to select “it targets a religious group”
6- Lastly, select the box “report to Facebook”
7- Pray the rosary for these damn fools.

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  • Manny

    Another reason not to have a Facebook account. Such blasphemy is only meant to get us Catholics angry. If they believed in God, they wouldn’t do that. Obviously they don’t and are just trying to prod us. But God will have the last say.

  • AMoniqueOcampo

    Good news is that the page is down.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Because Catholics troll like a boss! Yay!
      But it’s back up. See my update. Boo.

      • AMoniqueOcampo

        UGH! Gonna keep praying!

        • Eugene Edward Yeo

          Seems that about 6.2 billion clones have taken it’s place. Need me a nun ruler…

  • Heloise1

    I don’t facebook. Once again, I’m thankful. I saw this reported on several sites but God knew the temptation to respond in anger would be too much for me.

  • EllaM

    #7!! This is sad, but it’s the truth. I wanted to message them. I had a respectful, reasonable post. I stopped because I fear for my children’s safety. Ugh, I hope Our Mother understands. I’d hate to stand at the gates and have her ask “How come you didn’t defend me?!”

  • Eugene Edward Yeo

    This is nothing more and nothing less than another opportunity to minister, same as all social media. If you can stay polite and reasonable, go there and just ask questions. Ask for a logical defense of their thoughts and opinions. They’ve stated that atheism is the only correct path. Ask them to defend that. I had a very long, fairly reasonable discussion on the last page asking them to defend abortion. It’s hard to defend taking the life of a human being who has done nothing wrong, and it should be.

    But folks, if you’re going to hop on and engage, make sure you have the will power to keep your pinkie off of that little key to the left of the “a” button. I find that using someone’s full title, Mr., Ms., works very well to humanize my opponent. And if I’m calling someone “Mister Pippenpopsacotalis”, I can’t go on to call him a drooling moron. It just feels weird.

  • NeoHuman

    Whats funny is that the page is harmless unless you choose to make a big deal about it. you are not your religion and thus. This page is only offencive to an idea and mearly a place where likeminded individuals grow. The constent buzz about the page shows how much of a hyprocrit religious people are. You bash down any page that has differing oppinions as you, yet scream for freedom of speech. Ignore it and we both are free. If you can hate the sin but not the sinner i can hate the belief and not the believer