April 27th, Rome Here I Come…

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Monday set a date next year to declare the sainthood of two of his most influential predecessors on the same day in what was taken as a gesture designed to promote unity within the Roman Catholic Church.

The two popes — John Paul II and John XXIII — will be canonized on April 27, Francis said during a meeting with cardinals at the Vatican. Some Vatican analysts said the decision to canonize two popes simultaneously was highly unusual, if not unparalleled. [Source]

Two popes canonized by two popes… what does it all mean?!

It means I am going back to Rome!

Now that the date has been confirmed there’s much to do in preparation. Contacts to make, flights to book, couches to surf, alms to beg, video equipment to borrow. I have the airfare costs all covered but if anyone feels so inclined to donate a small amount for accommodations, bus fare, and a gelato I would be forever grateful.

Sack all the Rome. Stalk all the Swiss Guard.

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  • Jordan

    I think you forgot: Pray a novena that you’ll be proposed to by a Swiss guard. (God might laugh, but hey…couldn’t hurt!). Sounds like it’ll be an awesome trip.

    • perpper

      Best advice! Best of luck to you! Or Divine intervention!

  • Hilary Jane Margaret White

    Yes. No problem. I’ll lay in some supplies.