Merry Christmas, we got a dog…

… What?! I have a blog?! You would never know judging from the frequency in which I post. This particular time of the year is such a whirlwind of do this, buy that, make all the memories.

Here’s a re-hash. There was a Big Fat Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, followed by an aggressive game of Catch Pharse. There was the Christmas miracle of gifts, gas, and groceries from my Christmas angel. Oh, and there was this…

Baxter, the Airedale Terrier mix that we rescued from the pound.

When we adopted him the shelter worker incredulously stated, “I can’t believe someone adopted the Snorlax of the canine species.” Seriously, all this dog wants to do is sit at your feet and follow you around the house. If You Gave A Dog a Quaalude would be his life story. Which of course, makes him perfect. He’s excellent off the leash playing fetch, walks effortlessly on a lead, and my son now has a jogging and hiking companion. Really, I couldn’t ask for a better dog.

Oh, and I am going to attempt to cook Christmas dinner tomorrow. Like real cooking, with a recipe and an oven and junk. Now, I bid you all Merry Christmas! And because I’m still incredibly busy and mentally drained, please enjoy these past Christmas inspired raves and rants.

Midnight Mass… NO.
Reserved seating… NO.
Fake Christmas Trees…. Double NO.
Kudos to everyone… YES.
How not to burn the house down. And lastly, Christmas music that makes Baby Jesus Weep, or Christmas Shoes NO!

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