Friday is Truly a Day of Penance…

… Ask me what kind of day I’ve had. Go ahead. Ask.

It started with a typical work conversation. Because, the general public…

Me: What’s your phone number

Dude: blah blah blah numbers numbers numbers

Me: Is that a mobile number?

Dude: No, it’s a cell.

Then against my better judgement I allowed my Sadistic Marathon Runner friend to talk me out my typical Friday liquid lunch at the margarita bar. She had a better suggestion. Let’s take the fat girl to the gym. It’ll be fun she said. Only it wasn’t and it looked something like this…

And then these two skinny girls waiting for the stationary bikes commented that they hoped I didn’t break the bike. To which I replied, in my most demonic possessed voice… “break it over your face!” Being red faced and sweaty added an extra nice flare to my reaction.

To celebrate being thrown out of the gym, we ended up having that liquid lunch after all.

I think I’ll cap this evening off with some mint chocolate chip ice cream, re-runs of Duck Dynasty, and maybe finish that excruciatingly long post about online dating services.

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