“We’ve never had sex in Midwife and we never shall.”

… Anybody else watch this show? If not, here’s as good a reason as any to start watching.

Call the Midwife

Heidi Thomas, who created the award-winning programme, said sexual activity would have no place in the 1950s setting.

She told Radio Times magazine: “We’ve never had sex in Midwife and we never shall. We have the consequences of it, certainly, but I always try to look at things within the historic context.

“In the East End of the 1950s – or so a lot of people have told us – children playing out in the street would see the midwives arrive and they thought the babies came in the box on the back of the bike.

“We’re not a soap, we’re a medical drama, but we do tell a story about women in the 1950s and it’s quite nice to show these rather chaste romances, which are so different from the ones girls have today. SOURCE

Not like that horrible show, Downton Abbey, and that unspeakable thing they did to poor Anna.

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