Friday Free Stuff…

… Do you dream of going to Rome for the canonization this spring? Now here’s your shot. is hosting a giveaway vacation for two to Rome. Enter here for your chance to win.

Want more free? How about a chance to win over 100 free books from Brandon Vogt. He’s such a giver.

Don’t worry if you don’t win the trip. You can always visit the Sistine Chapel from the comfort of your living room with the Vatican’s virtual tour. While you’re in the “neighborhood” stop by the Necropolis and St. Mary Major.

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  • Augustine

    Do I get to meet the young Audrey in Rome too? I can learn to ride a lambretta if that’s what it’d take. :-)

  • Hilary White

    Mmmm… actually, I mostly “dream” of hiding under the bed for “the canonisation”. In fact, if I dreamed about it at all in the literal sense, it would probably be mostly about zombie-neocatholics breaking into my house and doing liturgical dance while demanding that I start clapping along…