Stephen Colbert Replaces David Letterman — Catholic Takeover Complete…

… Joe Heschmeyer writes, Stephen Colbert and the Death of Protestant America:

Late-night host David Letterman recently announced his retirement: his ratings have not been faring well in the face of two new rivals, Jimmy Kimmel and now Jimmy Fallon. Today, CBS announced his replacement: Stephen Colbert. Deacon Greg Kandra was quick to point out one reason that this was significant, with the headline: “The Catholic takeover of late night TV is complete.” Letterman was the Protestant hold-out in late night. Once Colbert replaces him, networks will be hosted by Catholics.

What we’re seeing is not necessarily a resurgence of Catholicism, at least in any meaningful sense. Not all of the people we’re talking about here are model (or even practicing) Catholics, by any stretch. Rather, we’re witnessing the collapse of Protestantism.

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Mackerel Snapping Papist

  • Augustine

    First, the Supreme Court, then, late night talk-shows! The mackerel snapper papists are going to hand America over to their romish master in Rome!

    • Theodore Seeber

      Except, very few urban Catholics actually follow [sarcasm on]a redneck Argentinian Pope, unless it’s the SuperPope comic strip displayed in the editorials of the New York Times (a propaganda rag now comparable only to Pravda).[/sarcasm]
      –Edit, tags added for the sarcasm impaired.

      • Christine Hebert

        I don’t think it appropriate to call the Pope a redneck.

        • Theodore Seeber

          It isn’t appropriate, but it is accurate from the point of view of these urban Eastern United States Catholics. To them, Argentina is as much a backwater as Kansas or Appalachia- with similar economics and a similar disdain for the people who live there.

          I should make it clear I don’t share that view- I grew up on the other side of the rural/urban divide, where progress is made by keeping your livestock safe, not by reintroducing endangered wolves to prey on them.

  • oregon nurse

    American Catholics must be really starved for heros to give any importance to this. I guess you could call it Late Night Church with the monologue as homily, the ‘band’ as music ministry, recurring skits like stupid pet tricks and Carnac the Magnificent as sacraments, and guests as EMHCs.

  • $51060174

    one liberal clown replacing another liberal clown..

    • Guest

      lol, with nominal catholics like these who needs heretics

  • smk629

    Well, I think Stephen is pretty dang funny. He is sometimes profane and off-color, which I find offensive and unnecessary. But on the whole, and definitely in comparison to Big Dave, I much prefer Stephen.
    He has in fact defended the Faith publicly in a light-hearted manner. Which I think comes across much better to the Infidels out there. After all, who wants to join a bunch of scolds who take themselves much too seriously?
    And best of all, can anyone who has seen the video clip of Stephen teaching his daughter’s PSR class while singing and dancing to “The King of Glory” ever hear it in Mass without a snort and a smile?

  • AntiGnostic

    It’s the shrinking of Christianity in general.

  • tj.nelson

    I can’t wait for Fr. Martin and Cardinal Dolan to show up in the guest spot. Dolan would be a great MC on occasion.

    I’m not a big fan of Colbert, but I like his friends.

    Letterman got a little old about 10 years ago.

    Colbert should do well.

    To be honest, I prefer Kimmel – much more dumb about Catholic stuff..


    • ME

      We don’t need bumbling fools like Kimmel that are dumb about the “Catholic stuff”. Colbert can defend the faith in a coherent manner, and does a good job of using humor to do so. Sometimes people to hear the truth though humor as it is more easily accepted that way. Using humor to juxtapose the absurdities of lies and distortions of truth can be a very effective form of teaching.

      • tj.nelson

        Sorry for the original comment – I was trying to be funny – but it was simply distasteful.

        On a more serious note, I was just trying to use an expression (BIOYA) to illustrate how I feel about late night comedians and how absurd it is that people actually see them as good sources for news or teaching.

        That in itself is an absurdity.

        Taking umbrage at another’s opinion on so inconsequential a topic is also absurd.