Wake Up and Welcome Back…

… Begone acedia. Begone sullenness. Self pity. Ennui. Shoo. Away with thee!

I just remembered I am Catholic. Damn Catholic. A nun gazing, hymn loving, incense is the best smell in the world Catholic. A proud to be and grateful that She’d have me Catholic.

Why the sudden change in mood? Because I suddenly caught myself effortlessly praying in the middle of the day for no real discernible reason. Yeah, that one shocked me too. And it was with that shock that I finally woke up.


How awesome is that?! Indeed very awesome to be part of something so huge and True. And what does that look like, this inclusion into such a universally welcoming group?

Well, it looks a little something like this.


and devoted…

and beautiful…

and universal…

and joyful…

You know, they warned me that my convert high would eventually wear off. They just failed to mention that it does come back – and in full force. I had become so accustomed to my Catholicism that I failed to notice it became such an intrinsic part of who I am. Plainly, I took it all for granted.

Somewhere along the way I came to believe that if I wasn’t zealous, giddy, and jumping with joy than I must be one of those lukewarm, blasé Catholics. But no. It just means you’ve finally become comfortable in your Catholic skin and things are going to be a little less foreign and effortless now.

It doesn’t make you a bad Catholic, just a real one.

So welcome back. And to you newly minted Easter converts, welcome home.

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  • Lydia

    Hell yeah.

  • TheReluctantWidow

    I think I could have written this post. However, I am not quite out of my slump yet. My faith hasn’t come roaring back. Even attending Easter Vigil and seeing all of those joyful converts hasn’t fully pulled me out of the slump. I am in the process of waking up though.

  • Sherry

    Prayed for you today when I read the prior post. There’s a bunch of Catholic bloggers who seem to be struggling with either being ruled by fears of what might be, or anger over what is, or the pain of dullness you described earlier.

  • Charles

    Dear Kat,
    It seems to me (@63) that we spend too much time and breath defining who we are (ironically) by specifying who and what we are NOT.
    In my experience (convert ’71) there is way too much joy for us to comprehend much less enjoy or celebrate in moments what it means to BE ROMAN CATHOLIC.
    Yes, that can seem like a poop sandwich on many more days than not, but if one takes a serious moment to consider “What’s the alternative?”, no one that I know would opt for any alternative; even tho’ that could allow a re-dedication to another Rite in concert with Rome. We’re the sh*t, both literally and figuratively.
    Who would walk away from that reality, whether all that glitters is gold or darker?
    It happily is not my experience that many of our separated brethren ever have had occasion to query of me “Is Christ your personal Lord and Savior?”
    Ergo, I’ve not had to respond with the most uncharitable “Are you effing kidding me?”

  • Kathy B.


  • http://www.geeklady.wordpress.com/ GeekLady

    Welcome back, sweetie!

  • Lar

    Today I was lured into a debate with a fairly vile anti-Catholic and it left me feeling a bit beat up. Thanks for sharing your joy of the Faith with me when I needed it.

  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    Hurray! Slumps come and slumps go, and the main thing is to keep plugging and doing our best through the troughs and enjoy the peaks. Glad you’re climbing out and up.

  • Ron

    Kat you’re a blessing. I needed to read this today. Thank you!!!

  • http://rosarynovice.stblogs.com/ Augustine

    It’s normal to be tempted by a certain weariness of holy things, especially after Lent, but also for consecrated religious.

    When one is surrounded by sacred things and whose routine is modified by an intense holy season like Lent, one may grow tired or numb of it all, especially in the beginning.

    The antidote, however is not less, but more of whatever holy practice causes weariness. Not in quantity, but in quality. Even if quantity should be less, the heart must be poured into it for a better worship of God, for everything we do or not for Him is worshiping Him.

  • george-a

    Yes. Sometimes I cross myself and start to pray before I even realize what I’m doing. It happens. Goes in phases.

  • Digital Hairshirt

    I love you, Kat.