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Positively the Most Epic Catholic Kitsch Ever…

...Behold, Glow Jesus, in it's all splendor.Photo credit, Liesa G. H/T Scott B.It brings a tear to the eye.It's positively perfect in every way, aesthetically (as kitsch goes) and theologically with it's rich use of symbolism.The the sea shell, especially the scallop shell, is the symbol of Baptism, and is found frequently on Baptismal fonts. Here, the shell at the bottom can be used as a holy water font.And those five silk roses. Betcha didn't know when five … [Read more...]

Rollin’ With the Holy…

... I am addicted to Catholic Kitsch. Ask anyone whose been over to my house.It's everywhere. In every room and on every shelf. It's even in places it probably shouldn't be, like the bathroom. My collection is the envy of all the Abuelitas.When I was in RCIA I received a crucifix from my sponsor and I joked, "I suppose now I need to redecorate my house", thinking of the only other Catholic I knew at the time, my sweet Abuela.Boy, oh how! Does she ever have her house Catholic'd out. … [Read more...]

Suggested Programming For EWTN …

... Speaking of not liking things we are supposed to like just because they are Catholic (like Popes), let's talk about EWTN. Sam Rocha hates EWTN. As do I. I adore Mother Angelica and the rosary. The televised mass is a delight. The rest of the programming; however, is a bit droll. It's too serious. Seriously Catholic. So Catholic. Overly serious.*Yawn*Catholics are a riot. We drink, we laugh, we have van loads of babies and every feast day is a mini party. Catholics are lovers of … [Read more...]


My husband once asked me to chose, him or Catholicism. I'm still Catholic. And still divorced. I could no sooner stop being Catholic than I could stop myself from breathing. Even then, dead as a door nail, I'd still be Catholic.I have a son who is Catholic. Even my damn cat is named after a Pope. My collection of Catholic kitsch is the envy of all the little Abuelitas. Everything I own has been blessed. Twice. Even the damn cat.Contact Me Got questions, comments, love or hate mail? … [Read more...]

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2008 Cannonball Awards 2009 Cannonball Awards 2010 Cannonball Awards 2011 Cannonball AwardsTacky Catholic Kitsch ContestIs it a Church or a Prison ContestTacky Nativity ScenesBad Art Makes Baby Jesus CryShitty Church Art... and on the third day He rose from the dead and was like, "Whaaaaaat?", and the people were all like, "Whaaaaaat?". … [Read more...]