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Nothing to see here, Folk. Move along.

... The President hearts homosexuals, haven't you heard. The news made Andrew Sullivan get all teary eyed. Now Hollywood is more in love him and wants to give him all their money for his campaign, meanwhile I have friends who have been out of work going on two years and $40K is more than I make in an entire year. Never mind the economy, attacks on religious freedoms, and the gazillion bazillion dollar national debt.Nope, the country is being led by a brave and sensitive man who, if he … [Read more...]

So Far So Good, My Journey To Getting Healthy – Week One …


... I'm almost at the end of my first week of the new diet. Which really isn't a diet, per se. It's more like a concerted effort to eat healthier. I must say I feel pretty fantastic. I mean I'm still fat and junk (it's only been five days) but my energy level is noticeably different. I stopped eating white bread, drinking soda, and eating fast food. Typically I'm no good to anyone after 3 pm, stalled on a carb crash. And you know what... diet food isn't that bad either. I suppose anything tastes … [Read more...]

The War On Boys and Anti-Gun Hysteria …


... Forget the contrived "war on girls", I've been saying there is a war on boys before it was cool. My impending, and always accurate, sense of doom began exactly ten years ago with the birth of my son. From the very first play date where all the moms repeated to their toddler sons, "Don't hit. We don't use our hands for hitting". The "happy hands" philosophy later evolved into restricting their sons from playing with guns and toy weapons.Here's the thing... a little boy can turn … [Read more...]

random stuff for your eyes and ears…


... Hey nerds. Do you like optical illusions? I've actually done of a few of these "tricks" and have others squirreled away for future science projects for The Boy. Kids love this stuff. I've perfected the candle trick so well that I can actually light multiple candles at once from almost a foot away from their wicks. I'm a wizard!Brusspup makes science fun.***Did you say electric cello? Of course you did. Takenobu, Atlanta based cellist and composer, just released his … [Read more...]

For my next trick I will attempt to boil water…


Oh, the stupid things. This morning I apparently forgot how to use a toaster.And I made my first kill in the new Honda [photo unavailable]; a deranged squirrel who learned jumping out in front of my car is unwise. Recquiscat in pace, little guy. … [Read more...]

Dear Corolla, a eulogy…


... You faithfully served me well. Eight years you & I traveled along the southern and eastern part of this great country slaughtering whole menageries of animals; squirrels, raccoon, opossums, Canadian geese, frogs, snakes, and rabbits. If it was nocturnal and in the road it didn't stand a chance under your blood thirsty hellish wheels. Good times. Good times.For 215,000 miles you carried me wherever I desired to go. Your sturdy frame protected me from harm in 5 accidents and you never … [Read more...]

DNC Does Not Want To Be Punished With A Child…


... So did you hear the one about how the DNC has barred children from attending Charlotte's convention? The punch line is that feminists revolted. No, not that they are revolting. They revolted. As in, they got all righteously indignant and pretended to like children - for a minute.“Women are the key to a Democratic victory, and sometimes, children are the key to women,” said Gloria Steinem in a statement noted by the Charlotte Observer. “It’s both right and smart for the Democratic Convent … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Killing Girls A-Ok with B.O. and his democrat cronies…

war on women waged by BO PP and Dems

... I'm sorry Mr. President, who exactly again is waging a "war on women"? Just so we are clear; your administration is against gender discrimination as long it doesn't prevent monies from flowing to your bedfellow, Planned Parenthood.I wonder, would the bill pass if it proposed to ban abortions based on race (something that was actually in an early form of this bill)? Are you not the least bit worried, Mr. Barry, that recent polls show a growing trend of voting people identifying as … [Read more...]

female drivers …

... Today I hit and killed an innocent squirrel. He is now added to the growing list of animals I have slaughtered while operating a motor vehicle. It's terrible. Why do little animals insist on throwing themselves under the wheels of my car? I have a valid driver's license. How is this possible? What I really should be issued is a taxidermy license. … [Read more...]