Agribusiness- People, Planet, or Pocketbooks.

Do Genetically Modified Foods Serve the Greater Well Being of Humanity? What is Agribusiness? Where does our food come from? Who processes it? How is it processed? These are a few of the questions that our present culture is slowly beginning to uncover and dissect. The answer that lies at the heart of each of these questions is, in fact, agribusiness. What is agribusiness? Some refer to it as Big Ag; but in short, and to state the obvious, we can define it as 'the business of ag … [Read more...]

Economics vs. Earthonomics

Can Predatory Capitalism repurpose itself into Conscious Capitalism?Life on Earth is addicting, except for reality, which is unbearable. -UnknownEarthonomics: a holistic relationship between Earth and material prosperity; a balanced exchange of goods and services that serve to preserve the Earth; the interaction of humankind and the Earth that aligns conservation with demand; and the practice of biomimicry to create efficiencies and economies of scale in post-modern economies, whereby a … [Read more...]

The Elephant in the Living Room; Should Humanity Be Classified As An Endangered Species?


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” ― Chief Seattle "May I Come In?" An Unwanted Guest The elephant is a gentle giant. They are the largest  living terrestrial animals. Male African elephants can reach a height of 13 ft and weigh 15,000 pounds.  The elephant's large ears flap to control the temperature of its body. They live in a fission-fusion society, where multiple family groups come together to commune and socialize. Elephants can live up to 70 … [Read more...]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership-The Consolidation of Power by Conquistador Nations


What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership?The Trans-Pacific Partnership ("TPP") is one of the largest trade agreements that has been developed by various nation states. Yet, it is conducted almost entirely in secret. Much of the public has been sheltered from the truth of this trade agreement. The motives for such secrecy are gradually being exposed via the partnership Big Brother has with multi-faceted corporations, who have alliances with developing nations that lack a strong foothold in the … [Read more...]

Freedom with Adam C. Hall

  Free me now from the prison of my fears!How does a sail boat move forward with out the wind or a motor? It rides the current. If you are the boat and the winds of life have ripped your sails apart and you have run out of fuel in the tank, then fear not. Riding the ebb and flow of life can and will propel your life forward. At times that ebb and flow can be so subtle, that it may seem as if your standing still, listing from side to side. Some days the current is strong and pushes you along … [Read more...]

Instant Relief with Adam C Hall

  How many times throughout the day have you taken notice to some form of pain, suffering, chaos, conflict or any other annoying activities? You may notice this either in your outer or inner environment, or both. If you do not notice anything at all then I suggest you check your heartbeat because you might be walking dead. For me, there are numerous times throughout the day where I witness and feel the “prick” of the world. Just the other day I was driving in LA; where the traffic, over populat … [Read more...]

Symbiosis in Nature With Adam C. Hall

With out symbiosis (the interaction of two or more organisms for the benefit of all), nothing would exist on the planet earth. For example, Clownfish and the sea anemones have a symbiotic relationship. The sea anemone protects the clownfish from predators and provides food. The clownfish in return defends the sea anemone from predators and parasites. The symbiosis that occurs with trees and air give us life. Air is used in photosynthesis. It is composed of, 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% a … [Read more...]

Shedding Skin with Adam C. Hall

 I would never thought that the snake holds valuable wisdom. However, when the snake sheds its skin all at once it shares a little secret about life. Each year the snake sheds its entire  skin enabling it to release the old and stretch into the new.The epidermis,the skin, is the largest living aspect of the human body.Its function and value are beyond the scope of this blog. However, the skin of the snake metaphorically represents the amalgamation of pain, suffering,woundings, strife, an … [Read more...]

Metanoia: The Forgotten Gift of Intuition with Adam C. Hall

 "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."~ Albert EinsteinTo error is human. God only knows how many errors I have made over the past 52 years. For most of those years, I rationalized my way through life. If such and such happens than I will be happy,  so I thought. My actions often resulted in mistakes. Making errors are ok so long as they are not repeated. Af … [Read more...]

G.L.U.E. The Secret Sauce with Adam C. Hall

 The first version of my self opened the gate of hell, the second version opened the gate of paradise. For most of this life, I lived in an on again off again hell. Much of it was spent managing the chaos, creating wealth, seeking self worth, and licking my wounds. There were moments of joy with family and friends, vacations abroad or reclining on the couch with a good book. However, life was a seesaw. I enjoyed rocking back and forth when I was young but as an adult, it quickly … [Read more...]