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Dear God, thank you for this crummy job

I remember the days when I bounded out of bed, ready to seize the day.

Back then, work was a joy. My coworkers banded together as we found new solutions to fix problems. My chain of command was empowering. My duties were challenging and fresh, engaging my mind and abilities. That was yesterday. [Read more…]

Five work lessons you can learn from monks

Even rising at 3:30 a.m. each day, how tough can it be to fill your days with prayer and Scripture? But in fact, there’s more to monks’ lives than simply retreating from the modern world to spend time in prayer and Bible study. These guys work very hard. [Read more…]

Is all work a high calling?

Is it true that each of us are called to our particular work roles? Consider the parts of the body in 1 Corinthians 12. Some of us are eyes or ears, others are hands or feet. All of us are shaped, equipped, and gifted to particular effect. Specificity doesn’t apply only to ministry in the church body; it also applies to our work. Some people may be called to be accountants or policy analysts; others may be called to operate a forklift or manage a mutual fund. And two people in the same job may have entirely different understandings of why God has called them to that role. But all of us can nevertheless be called. [Read more…]