Let It Flow Out: An Interview with N. T. Wright

n.t. wright

Bishop N. T. Wright is arguably one of the most important theologians writing today. He’s published everything from weighty theological tomes like Christian Origins and the Question of God, to accessible commentaries like Paul for Everyone: The Pastoral Letters, to inspirational books like Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope. When N. T. Wright agreed to lead an intimate retreat at [Read More...]

Minds and Bodies, Faith and Work


by Nathan Roberts As I took the Amtrak up to the Faith@Work Summit in Boston, I was working on a paper about the Mind-Body Problem. I don’t want to bore you with academic details, but the gist of the problem is: how do we talk about how the brain––an electrically charged lump of meat––relates to [Read More...]

The Surprising Key that Opens the Gift of Work

running and rest

by Keri Wyatt Kent I am currently training for a half marathon. Today, my training consists of not running. I am writing this from the couch. That’s right. Any training schedule for long-distance race will recommend days to run, cross train, lift weights—and at least one day per week of rest. The resting allows the body [Read More...]

The Gift of Truth: Recovering from Porn Addiction

by Jen Ferguson There were no bows. No pretty paper to unwrap. No tag or tissue paper. No ribbons to untie. But it was still a gift. A priceless gift. A few years ago when I asked my husband Craig “When’s the last time you looked at porn?” I wasn’t expecting the answer he gave [Read More...]

The Theory of Everything, and the Faith of Jane Hawking


“The Theory of Everything,” a new film about cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, is a sad, beautiful love story in which the faith of a devoted wife sustains her as she struggles under the weight of her atheist husband’s worsening disability, ascendent fame, and single-minded devotion to work. The warmly shot and superbly acted [Read More...]

Serving God in the Business of Death


Caleb Wilde is that rare breed of death writer who doesn’t write about death from the perspective of someone dying or someone having buried a loved one. A sixth generation funeral director in small-town Pennsylvania, Wilde’s popular blog, Confessions of a Funeral Director, has earned him a wide following and appearances at Ted-X and on [Read More...]