Habits That Work: Worship Break


by Kris Camealy It’s 1:00 in the afternoon when I drag the lawn chair out from under the umbrella on the back patio. I’ve learned to protect with necessary vigilance this scheduled break in my day—a two-hour window that opens and closes quickly. This groove worn into my days since my children were born has [Read More...]

How Can We Exalt God?


Exalt the LORD our God!      Bow low before his feet, for he is holy! –Psalm 99:5 Psalm 99 opens by identifying God as king (99:1). He is not just any old king, however, but the “Mighty King” who is over all nations, and before whom all nations should “tremble” (99:1, 5). Thus Psalm [Read More...]

Ocean Accelerator: Bringing Faith and Entrepreneurship Together

OCEAN office

by Christine A. Scheller Demo Day is looming for participants in the Ocean Accelerator in Cincinnati, Ohio. Entrepreneurs from 10 companies are perfecting their pitches, just as they would at any other start-up incubator. But this six-month accelerator is different. Along with business support, the nation’s first faith-based accelerator asks its participants to embark on [Read More...]

5 Unexpected Ways You Can Help Orphans


We all know they’re out there, far across the oceans, or maybe even in our own backyards… Babies, toddlers, teenagers who for whatever reason are alone in this world. Orphans, with no one connected to them by blood, or law, they move through their lives at the mercy of those presently in charge of them. [Read More...]

Stewardship of Creation: An Interview with “Noah” Screenwriter, Ari Handel


by Christine A. Scheller The first thing you need to know about Ari Handel, co-writer of the new film adaptation of the Noah story, is that he holds a PhD in neurobiology from New York University. Handel and director/co-writer Darren Aronofsky had been suitemates as Harvard University undergrads and began collaborating on films after Handel decided a career [Read More...]

If I’m Suffering, Is God Punishing Me?


by Mark Roberts Her adversaries have become rulers; her enemies relax. Certainly the LORD caused her grief because of her many wrong acts. Her children have gone away, captive before the enemy. (CEB) Lamentations 1:5 A young man named Don came to see me for pastoral counseling. As he shared his story, I could sense [Read More...]