‘Ritual’ Mutilation in Mexico Inspires Sensationalistic Headlines


This story has made the headlines today: A Mexican woman has been charged with gouging our her son's eyes with her fingers during some kind of "ritual" or "ceremony" performed by an unknown group in Nezahualcoyotl, a suburb of Mexico City.Though no specific group or cult has been named yet, the media coverage is certainly suggesting some kind of occult connection, and several articles mentioned the "narcos-satanicos" killings of the 1980s including the infamous 'Matamoros Cult' murders in … [Read more...]

THE WICKER TREE: Not a sequel, nor a remake, but a grab bag of vibes and moments

wicker tree

Perhaps few films in recent years have been the subjects of more anticipation than Robin Hardy's THE WICKER TREE. The director (who helmed the cult horror classic THE WICKER MAN, now nearly four decades old) struggled for several years to obtain sufficient funding, and rejected several previous working titles (COWBOYS FOR CHRIST, THE MAY QUEEN and THE RIDING OF THE LADDIE) before settling on the one that conjured at least a ghost of the original. And though there are similarities, the title may … [Read more...]

“Satanic” Mutilations of Horses

white horse 2

Well, these stories have been making the rounds for years. But to have a respectable media outlet like the BBC report on it and quote a Lincolnshire horse owner babbling about Satan is starting to get ridiculous."Nobody knows why someone would do something like this, but you can look on the internet and there are all these Satanic cults."I'm sorry...there are satanic cults on the internet? Like, advertising themselves?And even if that was true, why must it be that satanists are the … [Read more...]