It is a big universe out there, and there is nothing we can do that will completely protect us. But we don’t need some silver bullet solution to all the ills of life. We need practical paths to growth, a better relationship with our goals, and a sense of purpose to carry us through the dark times. Read more

Being chosen is not the only path to practicing magic. Some are chosen. Some begin by devoting themselves to the art. And while we talk openly of these two ways to begin our work, there is also a hidden path. Read more

Work. The daily grind. The rat race. There are a lot of ways we describe the least-appreciated thing in our lives.  Work isn’t just our contribution (good or bad) to society. It’s also a peerless field of training. Read more

Animals have not forgotten the geography of the real. They know things that we either can’t remember or force ourselves to forget. Eat when you’re hungry. Sleep when you’re tired. Have sex when you can. Fight when you must. Read more

What we need most is often the exact same thing that is hardest for us to learn. It’s easy to spend our lives seeing the world in simple terms. Yet there is always some deeper, half-forgotten part of ourselves that calls us to be more. Read more

If we want to have more than naked power, and earn the respect of others, we must also cultivate dignity. This is as true for magicians and pagans as it is for politicians and corporations. Read more

Paganism is a social revitalization movement. It is a return to some semblance of older values, but updated for modern times. The movement is democratic both in its good and bad aspects. Read more

The lesson is simple. If you’re waiting for a leader, it’s you. Read more

This is not an admonition against lying. The world of magic is a place for adults, and it’s not so much a question of whether we lie, so much as why, when, and how well. Read more

Self-discipline is not a skill that can simply be learned. It must be grown. Read more

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