Archives for May 2008

The Mac Dad Will Make Kobe Jump, Jump? pt 2

Kobe and some friends from Jackass doing another jump! Check out part two to this series! > [Read more…]

The Mac Dad Will Make Kobe Jump, Jump? pt. 1

Check out this video… Mad air!!! Real video or funny yet unrealistic idea? > [Read more…]

Raised from the Dead…Acts for Today?

Was this woman raised from the dead. What do you think about this situation? Does God still perform signs and wonders like we read about in the book of Acts?…….. I want to hear your thoughts! [Read more…]

Surprised By God's Voice…

The following is a journal entry from last summer. This was an experience that continued to encourage me that in spite of my skepticism at times that God speaks to us in direct ways. This is in no way intended to be read as boastful about ‘how spiritual i am’ but simply as part of [Read More…]