What are some good books on "Community?"

I would love to hear your top books on Community. What should community look like? What has it been and what should it be? These are the types of books I would like to know about! Thanks!

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  • Larry Crabb’s books “The Safest Place on Earth” and “Connecting.” Very good books.

  • It’s no thesis, but Vernard Eller’s The Outward Bound: Caravaning as the Style of the Church, online full-text from the early edition is available here, is a good insight into the way church ought to look.

    Vernard was one of the pastors of the Fellowship Church of the Brethren when my family attended there in the mid-seventies. It was a small fellowship, so anybody there knew everybody else there. . .it was also the kind of place where they actually involved even kids in the life of the church–as a junior-high student I actually served on a couple committees.

    In his time he was a somewhat-known theological author, though I haven’t seen anybody but Greg Boyd quote him in years. I wish Vernard was still alive, because I would love to bounce church thoughts off of him now that I’ve come into more of my own there; unfortunately he died several years ago.

    Anyway, I can’t think of a book of Vernard’s that I would not recommend. . .

  • Anything by Stanley Grenz really, he has quite a focus on community. His semi-systematic theology is actually entitled “Theology for the Community of God” and throughout every section community plays an important role.

  • Jon

    Bonhoeffer’s “Life together”…i bought it but haven’t read it yet..but i hear it’s a master piece. But i’ll read it soon, hopefully i’ll review it for a course i’m taking.

  • RTW

    For various reasons I recommend:
    Community 101
    By: Gilbert Bilezikian

    Maintaining Community in the Information Age
    The Importance of Trust, Place and Situated Knowledge
    Karen F. Evans


    Community Building -Coming of Age

    What should community look like?

    To me a great community is like a bridge. It is built not only to be able to support itself, but also to serve as a connection point between where those who need it are and where they desire to be.

  • Larry Crabb has some great books out there. Another great site to visit is nooma.com. This pastor is amazing with the different topics he touches on.