Storyline – Christ and Caesar: An Unexpected King; Luke 2 (podcast)

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This is a message that kicked off the New Testament portion of our Storyline series. We have studied the bible in 6 “Acts” (Creation, Crisis, Community [Israel], Christ, Church, and Consummation). This is a talk that bridges the gap between the Old and New Testaments by looking at 3 Kings: Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, And Caeasar Augustus. In the midst of the ‘expected’ way the world was operating, an ‘unexpected’ king is born. Much of this sermon is based on a paper that is available on the blog: “Behind Luke’s Gospel: the Roman Empire in the Time of Jesus.”

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  • RT

    First, glad to see the blog is up and running. That is a great story about the Hot Air Balloon proposal.
    Great job!
    You speak well, could it possibly be genetic? No, probably not. 🙂

    • Kurt Willems

      Well, genes seem to play a role in most of the issues in my life… Especially the good ones :-). Thanks dad!

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  • j


    So far I’ve listened to all the sermons that you’ve posted. It’s funny I keep on listening to them over and over again (which doesn’t happen for me with sermons 🙂 ) Nice how your introduction lead the way to introduce your message! Reminds me that there is really loads of material we could glean from history to make them accessible to church.