Jesus is a Liberal Democrat (Colbert Report)

Here is a video that I just had to share.  It is a bit sarcastic, but that is the point of this comical genius.  Check it out and then come back and give me your thoughts!

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Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat
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Jesus is a Liberal Democrat

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  • Jeremy John

    Kurt, first of all I can appreciate the satire by Colbert against conservatives in America holding a strong belief in Christianity, yet acting opposite to the true gospel. In which, I completely agree with him on this point. I am completely disgusted by conservatives who hold a belief in Christianity and yet justify war/violence and not take care of the poor. When one looks through history, this is completely opposite of how the earliest Christians acted.

    Yet, I draw hesitation when anyone tries to make Jesus a liberal or a democrat. Liberalism is an 18th century movement that was in a reaction against Christianity and the political establishment. Any kind of -ism, even pacifism are all secular desires to built a Utopian world in this world, which is ultimately bound to fail. I also feel this idea of labeling Jesus as a Liberal or Conservative is a peculiar american thing, by which our current culture wars tends to bring whole groups of subjects into these two categories.

    Is it really right to say that the God-man Jesus Christ, who sits at the right hand of the blessed Father is an adherent of an ideological political movement starting from the 18th century and which was changed with the progressive movement of the 20th century and holds a political party which tends to justify the killing of unborn babies?

    This is not to say that certain aspects of liberalism like the state helping the poor is not justified by Christianity or Jesus himself.

    Not at all, if you look at Saint Basil the Great, he build some of the first great hospices and poor houses offering free services to all in the 4th century. Also some of the great orphanages, leprous houses, hospitals of the Eastern roman empire ( Byzantium) were built by and sustained by the state and offered for free and the Bishops/Monks were in charge of these institutions. There was a symbiotic relationship with the State/Christianity is caring for the poor.

  • Brad

    I posted this to fb the day after it aired because it is perhaps one of Colbert's best satires I have ever heard. You could hear the uncomfortable silence of the crowd when Colbert cuts to the heart of who Jesus really was/is. This one shows the disparity between Pax Americana and real discipleship.

  • Amy

    First, I love this bit of commentary. It is funny and poigniant. Sadly, it is also to the Church's shame, and an example of Paul's repeated concern that the Church not lose face (by our own design) in the eyes of the surrounding culture. If we are ashamed, it should only be because we are following Jesus, not because of our failure to follow.

    Second, I agree that we can't put Jesus into a contemporary political camp. Trying to do so is an absurd exercise. I don't actually think Colbert is trying to do that. I think he's using irony to highlight the absurdity of any political camp laying claim to Jesus' membership.

  • Conrad

    LOL loved it! I'm not sure where Colbert's religious views lie… but he hit the nail square on the head, with a precision that honestly shocked me in how well he actually understood what Jesus actually preached. I Particularly liked when he took the shot at "God helps those who help themselves", that phrase has always made me mad, so ungodly…

    I posted this on my facebook as well