A Pig’s Tail: A wonderful short animated film about a piglet in a factory farm

The Humane Society of the United States has teamed up with Academy Award-winning Aardman Studios to create “A Pig’s Tail.”

As you may know, animal advocacy is something that I see as a Kingdom issue. I’ve written about this topic in multiple occasions. Here are some posts to check out: When Worry Disrupts God’s Cosmic Community of Care or The “God” of the Gut – Animals, Faith, & Gluttony.

I’m excited about a new film that has come out in a partnership between The Humane Society of the United States and Academy Award-winning Aardman Studios. Here are my thoughts:

A Pigs Tail reminds me of another story, the plight of the Hebrew people in ancient Egypt. Reaching brick quotas became the means by which their value was measured. Technique replaced dignity as God’s people were subjected to slave labor. Yet God saw fit that they should be liberated! A similar storyline is true in modern day factory farms, bent as they are on productivity at the expense of allowing animals to perform the basic functions of creaturehood. In A Pigs Tail, we find a young Moses figure, a piglet, who envisions the “good farm” as the rightful destiny and conditions for which pigs were created. This is the story of a brave exodus out of the slavery of gestation crates and into a “Promised Land.” It provides parents and teachers the opportunity to discuss the lack of ethics in today’s meat industry, helping children imagine a better way forward. A film like this demonstrates the beautiful potential of liberating animals and famers alike from a system that degrades God’s good creation.

Here is the film:

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