Patheos Turns 5: my top 5 posts ever…check them out! #Patheos5Yrs

I want to start out by saying how grateful I am for the opportunity to blog at It was just over three years ago when they approached me about such an arrangement. I actually tried to talk them out of it in some ways, as I let them know that I was just having a “good month” and that they couldn’t expect me to be a “big-time blogger.”

And although I don’t consider myself a big-time blogger, I am ever grateful that the editors at Patheos believed in my blog enough to give me this opportunity.

Trying to choose my top five was actually challenge. Should I simply look at stats? Should I choose the ones that meant the most to me? What about posts that predate my time on this website?

So, what I have listed here, takes into consideration all three of those questions. I hope you will check some of these posts out if you did not get a chance to read them when I wrote them.

Happy bday Patheos! #Patheos5Yrs



I’m Done With Living Like a Christian 



Cussing Christians: Why I’m with Mark Driscoll on this one 


THIS LAST POST, POST 6…. IS THE REASON I WAS PUT ON PATHEOS’ RADAR. Probably near the top of the list when it comes to numbers, but I wasn’t officially at Patheos until a month or so later :-)



And this is a post in that same situation —



So, what posts have been your favorite? Which topics? I’m gonna be blogging tons more this month – and forward – so I’d love your feedback!

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