The Bible as Mirror: Trump and Peter

As we once again exit the events at Easter, I was reminded of the craven lying that the Great Fisherman, Peter, engaged in around that Jerusalem courtyard fire nearly two millennia ago. This is, of course, the same Peter to whom Jesus earlier in Matthew’s Gospel handed the keys to the kingdom, metaphorical keys that [Read More…]

Moving with the Gospel

I must begin with an apology. I have not been able to write my usual blogs for two weeks, not because I have been lazy, and not because I have tired of the task, one I have taken up for 6 or 7 years. I have not written, because my wife and I, after 32 [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Trump and Aaron

The Bible seems to present no end of Trumpian mirrors for our delectation and discussion. As I have offered these various mirrors to our 45th president, I recognize that some of my readers may see these articles as little more than sour grapes at an election lost or as angry pique toward a man who [Read More…]

Real Resurrection

  (Lectionary for April 2, 2017) Little wonder that the early Christian church jumped all over this text as they searched for claims in the Hebrew Bible that they felt matched their own emerging beliefs. Belief in the resurrection of Jesus was a central claim for the early communities, as any cursory look at the [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Trump and Lamech

A gold star in Bible trivia if you even know who Lamech is, and another star if you can tell us where he is to be found in the Hebrew Bible. The answer to the first is that Lamech was son of Mathushael, who himself was son of Mehujael, and so on, as Genesis 4:17-19 reveals [Read More…]

Choosing Wrongly

(Lectionary for March 26, 2017) It is often a guessing game to attempt to discover what lead the collectors of the Common Lectionary to choose the texts that make up the three-year list. Of course, at times it is quite obvious: Easter Sunday looks at one of the gospel accounts of the resurrection while Christmas Day [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Adam, Eve, and The Donald

In our last installment of this series on the ways the Bible mirrors the outrageous behaviors of the 45th president of the USA, Donald Trump, I focused on the constant attempts that Trump makes to deflect attention away from his own questionable actions (e.g. shady connections with Putin and the Russians) toward various sideshows that [Read More…]

Is God Here or Not?

 (Lectionary for March 19, 2017) The Lenten journey often wants us to head to the wilderness, whether that be in some remote spot in the desert or among the canyons of the big city; after all, wildernesses come in all shapes and sizes, and they are to be found among the rocks and animals of the [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Trump and the Snake

No! I do not mean by this title that I think Donald Trump is in fact the snake of the Garden of Eden, though I have heard more than a few of my liberal friends make such a comparison. By that hyperbolic and nasty connection, my friends, less than familiar with the actual biblical story [Read More…]

The Lynchpin

(Lectionary for March 12, 2017) This year’s Lenten journey began with our commitment to convert ourselves to a new view of the environment of which we are only a part. Last week, I urged all of us to become “servants” and “protectors” of our earth, and to do that by recognizing the normative power of [Read More…]