The Bible as Mirror: Trump and Lamech

A gold star in Bible trivia if you even know who Lamech is, and another star if you can tell us where he is to be found in the Hebrew Bible. The answer to the first is that Lamech was son of Mathushael, who himself was son of Mehujael, and so on, as Genesis 4:17-19 reveals [Read More…]

Choosing Wrongly

(Lectionary for March 26, 2017) It is often a guessing game to attempt to discover what lead the collectors of the Common Lectionary to choose the texts that make up the three-year list. Of course, at times it is quite obvious: Easter Sunday looks at one of the gospel accounts of the resurrection while Christmas Day [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Adam, Eve, and The Donald

In our last installment of this series on the ways the Bible mirrors the outrageous behaviors of the 45th president of the USA, Donald Trump, I focused on the constant attempts that Trump makes to deflect attention away from his own questionable actions (e.g. shady connections with Putin and the Russians) toward various sideshows that [Read More…]

Is God Here or Not?

 (Lectionary for March 19, 2017) The Lenten journey often wants us to head to the wilderness, whether that be in some remote spot in the desert or among the canyons of the big city; after all, wildernesses come in all shapes and sizes, and they are to be found among the rocks and animals of the [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Trump and the Snake

No! I do not mean by this title that I think Donald Trump is in fact the snake of the Garden of Eden, though I have heard more than a few of my liberal friends make such a comparison. By that hyperbolic and nasty connection, my friends, less than familiar with the actual biblical story [Read More…]

The Lynchpin

(Lectionary for March 12, 2017) This year’s Lenten journey began with our commitment to convert ourselves to a new view of the environment of which we are only a part. Last week, I urged all of us to become “servants” and “protectors” of our earth, and to do that by recognizing the normative power of [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Trump and Rehoboam

Today’s installment in my Bible as mirror series, where I compare biblical characters to the 45th president of the USA, Donald Trump, takes us to the book of 1 Kings. It has to do with a very significant transfer of power nearly 3000 years ago, a transfer that had fatal consequences for the people called Israel. [Read More…]


(Lectionary for March 5, 2017) It is common in the first Sunday in Lent to turn to Genesis. I assume this has become the lectionary practice, since we are beginning once again our Lenten journeys on this day, and the book of Genesis is the curtain raiser of the biblical saga. And because Lent has [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Trump, Ziba, and Mephibosheth

Many things might be said of the first five weeks of the administration of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the USA, but it appears that chaos and confusion are high on such a list. “Alternative facts” might be the hallmark of a crowd that has difficulty telling the truth of things (a recent poll [Read More…]

What is Your Name?

(Lectionary for March 1, 2017–Ash Wednesday) And so, here we go again. Another Ash Wednesday where we smudge up our foreheads with some inky black, ashy watery mixture, stand solemnly and sing quietly with our fellow smudgees, file slowly into the night, home to wash our faces. For women this ancient action merely adds to [Read More…]