The Pain of Prophecy: A Reflection on Jeremiah 20:7-18

Since I have ended my screeds against Donald Trump, based on biblical characters, which I called “The Bible As Mirror,” I have decided to use the alternate first readings from the Hebrew Bible that the Revised Common Lectionary offers each week as springboards to more random thoughts (no, not the “deep thoughts” of SNL’s Jack [Read More…]

Laughter into Darkness

(Lectionary for June 25,2017) Last week’s lection gave us the serio-comic scene of the birth of Isaac (“laughter” in Hebrew) to the prune-faced couple, Abraham and Sarah. Indeed, the story of the promise of the birth and the birth itself ended with Sarah crowing quite publically, “God has brought laughter for me; everyone who hears [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Comment and Apology

Over the past months, since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the USA, I have combed the Bible for figures and ideas that reminded me of the new president, especially with regard to his deficiencies, which I find obvious and myriad. I discovered that it was rather like shooting fish in a [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Trump and Samson

  The figure of Samson in the Hebrew Bible presents a portrait more influenced by lore than by careful reading of the text in the book of Judges. Two operas, based somewhat loosely on the biblical tale, make the point. In Handel’s “Samson,” (1743) the titular hero is presented as already blinded due to the [Read More…]

Laughter and Its Consequences

(Lectionary for June 18, 2107) I first must apologize for my failure to write for the first Sunday after Pentecost, missing the wonderful first creation story of Genesis 1. Ironically, while I was not writing my usual lectionary blog, I was speaking to a group of folks on retreat about—you guessed it—Gen.1, among other useful [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Trump, Jephthah, and Vows

I write this only one day after President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement which had been agreed to by 195 nations and ratified by 148 of those. We now join Syria, Nicaragua, and the Holy See as the sole outliers to the agreement. Syria could hardly sign while its country [Read More…]

We Are All Prophets!”

( Lectionary for June 4, 2017) It is well nigh inconceivable that a preacher would not address Acts 2 on the day of Pentecost, since that day is based squarely on the story that Acts 2 enshrines. What would possess any preacher to turn to Numbers, that eclectic book of the Hebrew Bible, to announce the [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Trump Tower and the Tower of Babel

The photographic image of Donald Trump’s signature tower in New York City has appeared in newspapers for years, but has become ubiquitous since the shocking election of Nov, 2016. The fact that the First Lady of the land, along with her son, spends nearly all of their time there, as opposed to the White House, [Read More…]

Two White-Robed Strangers

(Lectionary for May 28, 2017) Here we are at the last Sunday before Pentecost, and the lectionary really gives us a couple of shots at Acts 1. May 25, a Thursday this year, presents us with the story of the Ascension of the Lord, that space age view of Jesus, after his resurrection, floating up [Read More…]

The Bible as Mirror: Donald Trump and the Book of Revelation

Now, I know what you may be thinking. I have been after our 45th president tooth and claw for many weeks now, using the Bible as a mirror of his thoughts and actions in as many and varied ways as I can. I will be honest: I am quite astonished how many parts of the [Read More…]