The truth about the future of the United Methodist Church

The truth about the future of the United Methodist Church? There is no future. It is as simple as that.  There is no future. I have been putting off writing this post for six months now, but it is time. I attended the 2016 General Conference as part of the United Methodist Reporter journalistic team. I [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: What would Jesus do with Trump voters?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: I’ve noticed a lot of “vote shaming” posts in social media lately aimed at Trump voters. This does not seem to be a loving response to individuals. HOWEVER, there are consequences to actions, and the fate of our country is a serious concern for many of us. What would Jesus Do? A woman [Read More…]

We must resist the spread of WMSVD disease

As Trump Reminds Us, We’ve Had WMSVD Disease For Ages Reprinted with permission from AlterNet. A very long time ago, a Zika type virus escaped from the human laboratory. Like Zika it deforms the human brain. It assumes supremacy by human males over women and all other forms of life. Its most prominent manifestation is [Read More…]

Evangelicals, Trump and the Apostle Paul

It suddenly made sense to me. Evangelicals love Trump/Paul because it gives them an excuse to behave badly. I started reading Paul Behaving Badly: Was the Apostle a Racist, Chauvinist JERK? shortly after the Evangelicals elected as President of the US the unqualified, greedy, morally-compromised, power-hungry, sexually-predatory, non-stop liar, say-anything-to-anyone-to-get-votes including the wholesale embrace of [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: What about Christmas gifts?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: Why is your feeling about gift-giving at Christmas time? Have you found that your feelings toward gift giving at Christmas has changed over the years? In my younger, more black and white days, days of fervency for Jesus and accuracy of the message, I had real problems with the intermingling of the [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: Are unborn children without sin?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: Can you help me with the theological underpinnings of this? Do religious folks who object to abortion believe that unborn children are without sin? I thought Christians believed that all humans are conceived and born into sin. If not, why baptize infants? Wow–that’s a question I have not thought about before. And [Read More…]

The Rules Don’t Apply–to Howard Hughes . . . or other ugly billionaires

The ugly, eccentric billionaire, his harem of nubile, young beauties, his ability to influence the world by making decisions without input from wise advisors, a tribe of sycophantic assistants whom he treats like slaves, the fantasy of the gorgeous, innocent female sexual aggressor, the slow corruption of moral principles by riches and comfort . . [Read More…]

The election is now here: a live blog for this politically–mixed couple

“Nobody really knows what the hell will happen with this election.” My “anyone but Hillary” husband and this “anyone but Donald” wife managed to have a civil and loving discussion about the election. I’m tentatively optimistic that Hillary will win. He sees possibilities for Donald. But his conclusion: “nobody really knows . . . ” [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: Popes then, celebrity pastors now?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: When you were in Europe recently, did you learn anything while seeing historic Christianity that would give you insight as to how it affects your understanding of the way Christianity is practiced in the US today? After spending several weeks in a land where a town only four hundred years old is [Read More…]

Religious women: I remind you again–you don’t HAVE to vote for Donald

For some time, I have been chronicling the political conversations and challenges of our “when an ‘anyone but Hilary’ is married to an “anyone but Donald’” relationship. We have cast our respective votes, but many others have not. A few weeks ago, a tape was released that confirmed that Donald is, among other problematic things such [Read More…]