Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: Am I supposed to let someone hit me?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor:  The Bible says to turn the other cheek when I am affronted.  How do such words apply in a world full of radicalism, threats, rampant murders, bigotry and hate? How many physical and mental assaults must a person or a group absorb before earning the right to ask this: Are you kidding [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: how do I stop playing the game with a passive-aggressive husband?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: I’ve been married nearly 16 years. My husband is a great guy in so many ways but this last six months have become difficult. He has always been passive aggressive but I can feel it getting worse. I don’t know whether I have changed (I have been questioning our religious beliefs a [Read More…]

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The church then and today: the need to exclude defines us

Saturday was Sicily. We wandered in the small villages that Francis Ford Coppola inadvertently made famous by filming parts of The Godfather movie series in them. We were making our way to a church where one of the scenes was filmed.  Along the way, we saw this arch. The guide told us that we now [Read More…]

This is not harmless locker room talk: Time for women to say NO MORE

My husband and I are currently in Europe. I was seriously hoping to be away from all political talk during these weeks away, but it cannot happen. The 2005 audio of the Despicable Donald crowing about his ability to molest any woman he wanted has made clear what most of us have known for far [Read More…]

Notes from a retired pastor, musings from cruisings: swans and emaciated Jesus

Luxury cruising: finding our bed strewn with rose petals and towel swans along with a bottle of champagne waiting for us as a way to honor our anniversary. Luxury cruising: having the head chef come our table and say, “I’ve finally found you–you are not taking advantage of ordering anything you want ahead of time. [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: how do you stop someone you think is going to do something bad?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: What do you do if you know a person is going to do something bad but has not executed it. Is there any way to stop them? You have no hard evidence of their actions but you know the person well enough to be pretty sure that there’s going to be a [Read More…]

Notes from a retired pastor: musing from the cruising

My life has not turned out in any way that I expected when I decided to take early retirement. I had sensed strongly (and with significant pain for a lot of reasons) that God’s call upon my life had shifted its emphasis. I’ve always known there was a dual call: both to the pastorate and [Read More…]

The strong woman problem for Evangelicals and Republicans

How do leading republicans feel about women? Try this one on for size: During the debate, GOP pollster Frank Luntz shared a text that he said he’d received from a Republican member of Congress saying Clinton “just comes across as my [b—–] wife/mother.” Totally aside from the fact that defining Clinton’s collected, occasionally funny, performance [Read More…]

Post debate musings of a policially-mixed couple

First, this article sums it all up: The world is still almost irredeemably sexist. Anything Hillary has done, or even has been accused of doing, would have been celebrated or ignored if she had been male. It’s time to stop pretending that this is about substance. This is about an eagerness to believe that a woman [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: how did we let social media take over our minds?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor:  been noticing of late how intrusive I’ve let social media and media consumption in general become. So I’ve been banishing the tablet from my bed three nights a week, which has made me antsy and itchy. And, irony of ironies, I’ve downloaded headspace, a meditation app. Believe it or not, a seasoned [Read More…]

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