(President) Bannon anticipates war with China: an idealist’s response

Don Quixote's windmill, the idealist's dream
Don Quixote’s windmill, photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Yes, I am an idealist, and think we need to stop fighting one another except in cases to stop outright aggression.

War . . . the thought makes me ill, but the world has been at war since Cain killed Abel. Jealousy is the usual cause: someone has more than me. In the first instance, Abel had more of God than Cain.

Today, some nation has more (people, resources, power, influence, etc.) than another, so instead of working things out and seeking mutual benefit, we go to war.

I keep coming back to kingdom of heaven thinking, the idea that we are to love our enemies. I know I am an idealist. I know I tilt at too many windmills. But if lots of someones don’t keep dreaming the impossible dreams, we will end up all killing each other. Is that a good solution?

Will others tilt with me? Will we say “NO” to this? Will we resist?

Steve Bannon Says War With China Imminent

The United States will go to war with China in “five to 10 years” over the South China Sea dispute, according to Steve Bannon, who is President Donald Trump’s chief political strategist. These comments by Bannon were made last March, but they resurfaced Thursday at a time when Washington and Beijing’s relations have soured after Trump…


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