Dear President Trump: You work for me and I care about your tax returns

Donald Trump release your tax returnsAn open letter to the 45th President of the United States about his income tax situation. I will put this in the US mail to him.

Anyone is free to use or modify my words to do the same.

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump,

I am a voting citizen of the United States of America. I care about your tax returns.

I request, nay, I order you, to release them. What I pay in federal tax funds your salary, your staff,  your Secret Service Protection, your travel and your time in your private estate as well as the public housing in which you live.

As a concerned and responsible citizen, one to whom you, in your inaugural address, gave back the power of government, it is necessary that I see your tax returns.

I do not expect you to become less rich during your time of service. However, you have not been elected king without accountability, but instead as an employee of the United States of America, living at the public trough.

Since we are paying for your expenses during this time, I have a right to know how much you and your family and your privately held companies will benefit from your time in office. What you do after you leave office will be your business. Right now, it is my business and the business of every citizen of the US.

I also have the right to know the extent of your personal indebtedness as well as the corporate indebtedness of your companies to financial institutions, both in the US and elsewhere in the world.

Such debt will inevitably influence decisions made about both domestic and world political affairs. The public, and that means me, must have this information to make informed decisions.

I remind you again: you work for me. It is not the other way around. You have intentionally taken on the role of a public servant. Yes, it has many privileges, but with great privilege comes great responsibility and a great loss of privacy. The privacy of your personal financial dealings was sacrificed the moment you made the decision to run for the Presidency.

It is now time to honor your word.

I am willing to support your Presidency. I did not vote for you, but my husband and other family members did. I am willing to give you time to show the world that you have the expertise and talent to live up to your promises. But for now, and for foreseeable future, your time as President will remain under a dark and growing cloud of suspicion because of your unwillingness to live up to the demands of being the chief public servant.

Again, it is now time to honor your word.

Release your tax returns without exception and without further excuse.


The Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas
Registered voter, Denton County, Texas.

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  • Guthrum

    I am not that interested in Trump’s tax returns. We have already been through this once. That lady on MSNBC got hold of one of his returns, and – lo and behold: nothing there. In fact, he paid more taxes or was at a higher rate than Sanders and Hillary. After that everyone quietened down about it, until “tax day”. Actually Tuesday will be tax day. The main thing they should be pushing for is a middle class tax cut: give the working people a break. And tax reform – a simpler tax form.
    That’s what we need.

    • Basement Berean

      That was a lady?

    • Linda Coleman Allen

      As I recall, the tax return released was over 10 years old. I would like to see the one for 2015. And you are correct about the tax cuts and reform. Most of all, Trump needs to keep his word.

  • scott stone

    You do know you don’t actually have a right to see his returns and it is only since Nixon that this became customary.
    Personally I’m as interested in his tax returns as you probably were about the deleted 30,000 emails from Hillarys server.
    I’ve really noticed that your posts and those of many on the Progressive Christian channel are wrapped up in ideology far more than theology. It seems like progressive ideology has become the true religion for many of the authors. Fascinating.

  • James Rafetto

    Admirable intention but I’m confused about the rest of the family. A person who lies is a liar and therefore cannot be trusted. Someone who defends them or does not bear witness to their deceit or other unethical behavior is enabling and accepting things that are “malum en se.” The components of Machiavellianism or the ‘Dark Triad’ include narcissism and psychopathy. You cannot be rational with irrational people and the narcissist probably won’t entertain your opinion. If 36% of our citizens trust this man then we all need to start knocking on doors or having difficult conversations with our family. The only way to stop him is at the voting booth and that task is difficult in Texas. Good luck!