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Confessional (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

Ideas for Increasing Confession (from Twitter)

Recently, several prominent Catholics have been tweeting about confession on Twitter. The consensus seems to be that Catholics frequent this sacrament less than they should. I want to not only present the problems but offer solutions. First the stats, How often Catholics in the U.S. go to confession: 2% once a month or more 12% several times […]


Announcement: New Weekly News Summary & Sponsoring Me on Patreon

Writing online is a tough way to make a living. It’s even harder to pay the bills when I write on Catholic themes as they require a lot of effort compared to the number of views. Every major Catholic website relies on donations to stay afloat. As a religious, my community relies in large part […]


I Found a New Spiritual Author in Julian of Norwich

Recently, I’ve been reading An Explorer’s Guide to Julian of Norwich by Veronica Mary Rolf. Julian was a spiritual author who’d I’d vague heard about before. This book convinced me to buy Julian’s complete dialogues for further spiritual reading. I think this book is excellent. I will offer a general overview of Julian, a general […]

Picture taken by Fr Jason Smith, LC, or the Legionary chapel in Rye, NY

Two Legionaries Discuss How They Dealt With the Maciel Case

A few people have asked me about how I dealt with the Marcial Maciel case. How did I deal with it and how is the Legion now? I can’t speak for the whole Legion, but I can speak for myself. I also found a fellow Legionary who wrote on Facebook and Instagram about his experience. […]

Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

Pope Francis Teaches Holiness: Gaudete et Exsultate Study Guide

Recently Pope Francis wrote a document on how we can all be holy called Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and Be Glad). I produced a study guide to help you if you want to read or discuss it. It has a lot to teach us all. I want to share with you a few points from it […]

Hand in chains

The Death Penalty Is Wrong But Not Intrinsically Evil or Infallible

People have been repeatedly saying that Pope Francis changed Church teaching on capital punishment on Thursday. They claim he infallibly declared the death penalty is intrinsically evil. This has two errors, it was neither infallible nor declared intrinsically evil. For reference, the key words in the statement from the Vatican are: The Church teaches, in the light […]

Evangelizing on Social Media CC0 via pixabay

How to Evangelize on Social Media (Evangelizing Social Media, part 4)

I know many people wanted this series to start with evangelizing on social media but I think the other three videos provide a good background. The first video provided a definition and history of social media. How social media affects our mindset was the theme of the second video. The third spoke of how we can evangelize that […]


Evangelizing the Social Media Mindset & Culture (Evangelizing Social Media, part 3)

This third video in my series on Social Media moves to evangelization. In the previous two videos, we’ve discussed social media in general and how it affects us. Now we ask, what is the way to evangelize those people? Since Social Media is now 11% of the average American’s day, that will affect them. If we want […]

Social media mindset CC0 via pixabay

What Does Social Media Do to Our Mind (Evangelizing Social Media, part 2)

We all know social media changes our mind, but how does it change our mindset? We’ve all probably heard a story of online bullying or about widely-shared fake news but what drives these behaviors? We know interactions on social media are different from offline, but how are they different? And how does this change us? […]

Technology and the Homily CC0

Should We Use Technology in Homilies?

There has been some debate about the role of technology in homilies. Dioceses might run a video of the bishop in place of the homily or others may be averse to almost any technology in church. I take a slightly more moderated view which Homiletic and Pastoral Review recently published. Here are a few highlights. […]