Oscar Wrap-Up: Bad, No Good, Horrible Limericks

For all those lost in a ditch,

Angie and Brad love hit fever pitch.

She showed her thigh

He waved hi

But she needed to eat a sandwich.


Meryl did something shady

As she accepted her award so weighty.

She thanked her man,

And more in the stands

But forgot to thank the real Iron Lady.


Some ashes on Seacrest were spent,

While walking the red carpet

By a dictatorial mess

Seeking some press

But we know they’re really for Lent!


Billy Crystal waxed lyrical,

But by any measure empirical,

To bring life to a show

That tends to go and go,

Well, it would take a miracle!


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  • ELo

    The Tree of Life lost its leaves
    Proving something was up the sleeves.
    Of an industry annoyed by grace
    Armed with axes they leave no trace
    Of those who desire no forest only trees.

  • Rebecca Cusey

    Wow. Good one.