Shock: People Don’t Know who Paul McCartney Is

Various version of this shocker are flying around the interwebs today. Apparently, Twitter Twits tweeted their confusion at seeing an older man singing at the Grammys last night.

It was none other than Beatles legend Paul McCartney, Sir Paul to us plebeians.

Many of those darn kids on Twitter simply didn’t know who that man was. I knew who he was, but while I respect his talent, but never considered him the high priest of all things musical.

The whole kerfuffle should be a sign to the Boomers, I’m a’thinkin’.

Baby boomers are used to defining culture for all of us, not to mention morality, politics, and buying patterns.

It’s just about over, though. The Boomer hold on thought, culture, and politics is weakening, and with the sad shrinking of their retirement accounts, buying patterns as well.

And the chink in the famous image of Sir Paul is merely a sign.

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