Trailer: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

When you did your report on Abraham Lincoln in the second grade, you may have left out his most meaningful accomplishment: Hunting vampires. Here is the trailer for the upcoming movie “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.”

It looks good to me, all gothic and spooky. The book follows Lincoln as he becomes a rising lawyer and politician by day and a hunter of the undead by night. The vampires are a shadowy conspiracy tied with slavery, a scourge on our land. They must be eradicated.

Two things:

1) I sure hope that shot of the Washington Monument is modern day, since every DC nerd knows that construction of the Washington Monument was a halted when America ran out of money and then longer when we fought the Civil War. During Lincoln’s time, it was a half finished pole sticking out of the mud of the National Mall. It was completed in 1884, nearly 20 years after Lincoln’s death (or supposed death…) Ok. Nerd lecture done.

2) I hope he gets rid of vampires. I’m tired of seeing them everywhere I go. On TV, in movies, in books. Can’t we just move on now? The public has been….excuse me…sucked dry.

The movie is due to hit theaters June 22.

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