First Look: Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables

We know him as Wolverine, but Hugh Jackman is a sort of jack of all trades, entertainment wise. Between stints in the X-Men movies and “Real Steel,” Jackman is a Tony-award winning Broadway performer.

Which makes him perfect for the big-budget adaptation of the stratospherically popular musical “Les Miserables.”

I could not be more excited for this project. The play made a huge impact on me as a teen and I cannot wait to share it with a new generation of people. It is epic in its scope, looking at the very worst and the very best of human nature.

Here are the first pictures of Jackman as Valjean, as prisoner 24601, trampled down by life and inhumanity.

I think the pictures look like director Tom Hooper is serious about exploring the rich and deep themes of poverty, injustice, and grace in the film.
The film stars Jackman, Russell Crowe as Valjean’s nemesis Javert, Helena Bodham Carter as the creepy Madame Thenardier (perfect casting), Anne Hathaway as the tragic Fantine and Amanda Seyfried as that goody-two-shoes Cosette. I’m concerned about Seyfried because I’m not convinced she can act, but the rest of the cast looks good. The film opens December 14 and you can be sure I’ll be following it closely.

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  • Sue

    You might want to check out the first video I’ve seen of the filming. It looks like 2 takes filmed form a distance. If you turn the sound up you can hear him sing the word “begin” which is the last word of the Soliloquy he sings when he leaves the Bishop and decides to start his new life by ripping up his yellow convict ID.