John Schneider on Hollywood, Christianity, and Pro-Life Films

The Hollywood Reporter has a fascinating interview with John Schneider, forever Bo Duke from “The Dukes of Hazard.” In it, he talks about his pro-life movies “October Baby” and “Doonby” as well as what it’s like to stand for controversial issues and Christian faith in Hollywood. He also shares about his relationship with legend Johnny Cash:

THR: Rumor has it Johnny Cash encouraged you to become a born-again Christian?

Schneider: I was a Christian when I lived with Johnny and June, and he solidified my belief system. He was a manly person who believed in Jesus. He was not an emasculated Christian. He was a rough guy held together by his belief in God and his love for his wife. There’s never a bad time to see that example.

I spoke John on the set of “Doonby” in 2010. He was opinionated, friendly, and eager to talk about a project about which he obviously cared a great deal. You can read about it here.

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