New Hunger Games Clip

Lionsgate has released a clip from “The Hunger Games.” It shows stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz – what inspired casting!) planning the concept of Katniss’s first public appearance.

Every time I see something new from this movie, I think a) “They did it perfectly. I can’t wait to see it” and b) “I can’t believe how dark this story is.”

Jennifer Lawrence was amazing in “Winter’s Bone,” a hero’s journey through the backwoods of the Ozarks looking for her missing father among all the outlaws. I have to say, “Hunger Games” looks about as cheery.

Luckily, I like dark.

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  • Brad

    All I can say is… what do you expect? The books were really dark. All dystopia stories dig into the darkness of human nature, and this can’t be any different. But, even as I read the book, I was amazed at how dark it was.

    This is not going to be a happy movie… and an even less-happy trilogy (As we all expect it to be)

  • Rebecca Cusey

    You’re absolutely right. Televised battles to the death aren’t exactly Judy Blume, are they?

  • Joanne

    Hero’s journey all the way. They just use the structure as per et al.