Titanic Director James Cameron Returns to Bottom of Ocean

He’s taken us on board the Titanic and he’s taken us to Pandora. Yesterday, director James Cameron took us to the actual lowest part of the ocean in a record-breaking deep sea dive.

Inside a vertical, spinning capsule designed like a torpedo, Cameron descended 6.8 miles deep into the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean.

Working with National Geographic and teams of scientists, Cameron had plenty of tools on board. He could collect specimens, take floor samples, and scrape samples. In addition, multiple cameras picked up the scene outside. At 6.8 miles deep, there is no light and the pressure is measured in tons. The area is one of the last great mysteries of earth.

It took Cameron over two hours to descend and he spent several hours at the bottom, gliding along a cliff.

You can read all about it at National Geographic.

Coincidentally, James Cameron’s insanely popular movie “Titanic” is due to rerelease in theaters in 3D on Wednesday. What are the odds?

Photo: Photograph by Mark Thiessen, National Geographic

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