NBC Plans Celebrity Military Boot Camp Competition Show

Wonder how well Jessica Simpson can shoot? How many push ups a Kardashian can do? Whether Flava Flav looks better in fatigues?

You may get a chance to find out.

NBC has teamed up with two television giants to produce a show tentatively titled Stars Earn Stripes in which celebrities will compete in military scenarios with the winnings going to a charity supporting military causes.

The Hollywood Reporter, um, reports:

Nine stars from the film, music and sports worlds will gather at a secret top-notch military training facility, and each will be paired with a trainer tasked with preparing them for different weekly challenges. The challenges will be adapted from real exercises practiced by all five branches of the armed services — as well as joint ops and Special Forces — and include tasks like a staged hostage rescue that will test the celebrities physically, mentally and emotionally.

Survivor creator Mark Burnett and Law and Order maven Dick Wolf are helming the project. They are pretty much the Seal Team 6 of reality TV.

“I think this is a unique opportunity to pay tribute to our troops and first responders who put their lives on the line every day,” Wolf said to THR. “Mark and I are looking forward to working together as we bring this exciting, dramatic and entertaining competition to viewers.”

“When I see someone in a military uniform, I make it a point to approach them, shake their hand and say five words … ‘thank you for your service,’ ” Burnett said. “Stars Earn Stripesis a high-energy, fun action show, but at its heart, it is all about those five words. Our celebrities are going to experience the high adrenaline that Special Forces and law enforcement encounter and will realize how very hard and scary it is to do those jobs. I encourage everyone who reads this today to say those five words the next time they see someone in uniform — be it military or law enforcement.”

The participating stars have not yet been announced and no air date has been set.

I think it sounds like a fantastic idea. With our soldiers coming home in such large numbers, it will be a way to honor them while laughing at the pansy celebrities who don’t have a smidgen of the resolve, power, or bad-assness of our troops.

Extra points if they blow up Snooki. You know, by mistake.

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