New ‘Brave’ Trailer and Clip: Red-Haired Toughie

Pixar’s much-anticipated movie Brave is coming! It’s the first time the (mostly) boys at Pixar have had a female protagonist and she leaves oldschool Disney princesses in the dust.

Recent ones, not so much.

Still, I have to say, I’m getting a little tired of the modern Disney girl, the “I’m not going to get married” and “I just want to fight like the boys” and “I can be as tough and independent as any prince charming” girls.

Yeah. We get it. You’re liberated.

It just feels like they’re fighting yesterday’s battle. What about the “I want to have it all” girl or the “I know I’ll have to make hard choices to do everything in life and I will be very grateful to have a good man by my side” girl.

Can we get that?

Still, the movie looks beautiful and funny, so I’m hopeful it’s more than just a girl who wants to shoot arrows like the boys.

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