‘Real Housewives’ Producers Looking for ‘Real Christian Housewives’

How well do people of faith stand up to scrutiny?

We might be about to find out.

The producers behind Bravo’s wildly successful Real Housewives franchise are looking for a new cast, one that professes Christianity, The Huffington Post reports.

They are looking in Calabasas, California for women who profess Christian faith, apparently inspired by GBC on ABC, a show about back-stabbing, gossiping Christians in the South.

The show won’t officially be a Real Housewives show, however.

“It makes sense that a lot of different copies of the ‘Housewife’ franchise will be pitched,” a Bravo executive told HuffPo. “It’s one of the most successful franchises in TV that we are not looking to expand at the moment. But getting a cast and doing a reel that is shopped around to different networks doesn’t mean the show will ever get picked up.”

Assuming the show ever gets made, I have some questions:

1) Will a show of Christian housewives in Southern CA look all that much different than a show about secular housewives in CA? Aside from saying “oh my gosh” and “darn” instead of more colorful language, I mean?

2) If you were approached to participate in such a show, would you say yes?

3) Do they get a clothing allowance and/or designer duds? (This might prompt me to reconsider my answer to #2)

4) Would you watch such a show?

5) Do people of faith lead more or less dramatic lives than their secular counterparts? Do they make for good TV viewing?

Finally:  What should it be called? Some suggestions:

“The Forgiven but not Perfect Housewives of Calabasas?”

“The Holier (Than Thou) Housewives of Calabasas?”

“All Good Housewives Go to Heaven?”

“The Sanctified Sweeties of Calabasas?”

Add your thoughts in the comments section.

Photo: The cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta via Bravo

h/t to Patheos’s The Friendly Atheist for the story, and the excellent question about what other faith reality shows would be a hit. I for one, would pay good money to watch what nuns do in their spare time. (But priests seem boring somehow. Go figure.)

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  • Lilith

    It’s ridiculous this was cancelled because the ‘Christian’ wives were offended. And how the person chosen to be interviewed about this subject likened it to being called a nigger? Christians have never been through what they’ve put others through in gods name(anyone read about the crusades, witch trials, etc.). They have no right to pity themselves! The show is probably a lot closer to the truth anyway… that’s why it bothers them.

  • Rebecca Cusey

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t think anything has been cancelled and I don’t know what interview you’re referencing.