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  • http://www.wholemama.com Amy Henry

    Fantastic. Such, such good points, Rebecca.

  • Andrea Ferrell

    I’m always wrestling with this. So many good thoughts here, Rebecca.

  • Michelle

    I’m so sad I won’t see you on fb anymore. I love your posts and LOVE hearing about your sweet babies. Your pics of the Moses b-day party were AWESOME! Hope to see you around at therapy with the kiddos :)

  • Michelle

    Nevermind! I totally thought my friend wrote this article, but I see she just RECOMMENDED it. Whew. Ok, so as to your point about FB, you are TOTALLY right. I have to take breaks from time to time, but for me, I still love that it is the one place I can go to and communicate with everyone I know. Phone calls are close to impossible with 2 kids running around all day. There always seems to be an emergency that arises when the phone rings. Hmmmm, curious 😉

  • Chris

    the Lord used you tonight to speak to me. While I am not quite ready to totally leave it because I do keep up with long distance friends, you made me realize that it has become my phone crutch. I am constantly checking the phone…why!?! So I can get annoyed at someone’s post about Chick FIL A. Thank you for a needed intervention!

  • http://www.odysen.com Matt

    Congrats on the escape! Especially enjoyed the part “like sand through my fingers at the beach”. Too bad you couldn’t 100% get rid of it but 99% seems like a good start, :).

  • http://2echoEcho.wordpress.com Echo Vetter

    I have considered leaving facebook many times for the very reasons you wrote about. Thank you for offering this perspective. It needs to be heard.