Time to Fire up those Bibles!

If you’ve been memorizing your Hebbuzites and Morozites*, if you’re been studying up on your begats, if you know the difference between a Philistine and a Pharisee, you may be ready for the American Bible Challenge.

Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, the GSN game show based on the best selling book in history, will premiere August 23.

Besides being an all time best seller, the Bible is the basis for much of Western Civilization, from legal underpinnings to literature to the very concept of literacy. With Bible knowledge sinking fast, a show like this is good for everyone.

Check out the video below in which Jeff explains his reasons for being part of the game.

*Some of these facts may be made up.

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  • I just love the show, also the bible. The only thing I dislike is I am not on the show. How do I get on the show.

  • I want to get on the show. What do I do, or go aboout it.