Giveaway: ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season One Set

Who else is looking forward to the enchantment of the next season of Once Upon a Time?

I know my daughter and I are.

The show stars Jennifer Goodwyn as a Snow White cursed to forget her identity and true love. Along with the whole universe of fairy tale characters, she is doomed to live in the real world with no idea who she really is. That is until Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) comes into town. Season two starts off September 30 on ABC.

My tween daughter and I never missed an episode of the first season. We loved the familiar stories retold in fresh, unexpected ways. Even more, we loved the rich and moral themes woven throughout.

If you missed the first season, or if you want to revisit it, now’s your chance. The fairy godmothers over at ABC are giving away four complete sets of the first season to our readers in high quality Blu-Ray.

Bippedy Boppidy Boo!

Just leave a comment below to enter to win. When you enter, we’ll also sign you up for our soon to be launched Movie Channel newsletter. If you’d rather not, just let us know. One entry per household. The contest will close and winners will be selected September 14.

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  • Saman

    Oh,That’s sound good!

  • Jill Joiner

    My kids love this!!

  • Trista

    Would love to win this! My husband even liked this show.

  • Meghan

    Loved this show and I’d love to win a copy and save some money! 🙂

    I’d rather not sign up for the new newsletter at this time.

  • Mandy Preston

    LOVE the show “Once Upon A Time” and would really enjoy owning the first season!!

  • Fran

    I’ve only seen a few episodes so I would love to watch the rest! Thanks for the chance.

  • Matt Smith

    Have heard so many good things about this show – would love the chance to watch it!

  • G K

    I’d love to win this. The show looks great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anne

    Really enjoy their imaginative twists on all the well-known fairytales; each episode certainly deserves a re-watch. It’s an awesome idea for a giveaway.

  • I’ve heard some great things about this show!

  • Dwight Davis

    I’d enjoy watching this with my wife. She watched one of the later episodes with a friend and loved it.

  • Stephen N.

    This (along with American Horror Story) is my favorite new show on TV. Also, Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin is one of my all time favorite characters. His acting is phenomenal!

  • Katrina

    This series bring my 3 kids and I together every Sunday night. It’s chicken wings, salad and Once Upon a Time. They cry if we miss it. lol Just love this show and the plots and all the characters. Great acting too.

  • Heather R

    I love this new series! It is a perfect twist on the classic stories!

  • Breanne

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Donna

    I”ve been wanting to see this show!

  • Sertp

    Would definitely love this!

  • Julie

    I loved Season 1 and would love to rewatch every single episode!

  • Mildred

    We only caught a small portion of the first season on TV and, when you want to understand what’s going on in a TV series, it helps to see the show from the beginning

  • Susan D

    I only saw part of the last episode of the season while channel surfing and it caught my attention. IMO, it would be good to see all of Season 1 before starting Season 2 viewing