‘Rapture Palooza’ Movie: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

‘Rapture Palooza’ Movie: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? May 17, 2013

Making fun of Jesus and the Rapture isn’t a problem is it?

This trailer for a little flick called Rapture-Palooza was just released.

The movie follows a couple (Anna Kendrick and John Frances Daily) who miss out on the rapture and have to carry on with their lives post-Apocalypse. To further complicate things, Satan (Craig Robinson) shows up. He’s got his eye on the lady, so they hatch a plot to trick him back into bondage.

Oh, and they blast Jesus with some turbo missile thingie.

Just watch:

I have to admit it looks funny in a blasphemous, outrageous, lookatme, lookatme kind of way. What will they think of next?

Paul Middleditch directs the film which will be in theaters and video on demand on June 7.

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  • ReligiousIgnorance

    Can’t wait till they make a companion film for Islam’s eschatological belief system! When they show the zany antics of the Mahdi (the Muslim messiah) and how Isa (Muslim Jesus) comes back to persecute Christians…..What a HOOT that will be when they marginalize Muhammad and things Muslims hold as sacred….What’s that???….Hollywood is a bunch of hypocritical blind idiots that don’t have the sack to pull it off???? Yea…thought so….

  • DanO

    Kinda reflects the spirit-of-the-age, doesn’t it? I am not too surprised the Rapture has been satirized. I am a bit surprised it has taken so long. Five or six years ago Mitchell and Webb had a satire on the Good Samaritan. Quite awhile ago MadTV combined the Terminator with the story of Jesus (“Stop killing Judas!” “He was going to betray you.” “I know!”).

    Part of me gets a kick out of it but I know a lot of my Christian friends would not laugh. In the end, I suppose this is mockery, isn’t it? Unfortunately this sort of humor has become ubiquitous. Almost everything on Comedy Central, Family Guy and the Simpsons, to mainstream movies. If one takes the role of the mocker, anything in the Bible can be targeted. Anything in history and be targeted. If folks want to be real edgy, they should use Islam as their foil. The reason the Bible, Christianity, Catholicism, etc. can be poked at is that Jews and Christians are not going to go too crazy.

    I doubt I’ll watch the movie, even when it comes out on TV. I don’t know if I’m getting old or what but I have not found a comedy made in the last 10 years worth watching. This movie actually looks like a Saturday Night Live skit expanded to 90 minutes. We know how well that has worked out.