Is ‘Man of Steel’ a Red State Movie or a Blue State Movie?

My friend Jen Chaney and I don’t see eye to eye on everything. She’s tinged blueish. I’m a nice rosy red. So it was fun when we got together to talk about Man of Steel.

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Read my review of Man of Steel.

Jen is a pop culture junkie who writes for the Washington Post, Esquire, and Vulture. You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • jcon526

    Interesting video. Appreciate the effort to bridge the gap across political lines, but … there is a lot of presumptions made here.

    On one hand, I agree that Man of Steel has obvious Christian ties, a strong moral discourse, a strong sympathy for the heartland, and spectacular action that seems reserved for a conservative crowd.

    However, while it’s fun to speculate about the political ramifications of a summer blockbuster, I believe categorizing Man of Steel across political lines needlessly presumes that “blue staters” can’t appreciate a hearty, mindless action flick or are too easily offended by the aforementioned values to enjoy the flick. It also, I imagine, insults the intelligence of “red staters” who may appreciate nuance in films (not that MoS was lacking it).

    Curiously enough, I agreed with your review: the film showed a noteworthy emotional range and breathtakingly entertaining action. I was dumbfounded at Jen Chaney’s utter dismissal of MoS (as I was with other negative reviews). I honestly cannot understand what was not to like about the movie.

  • Rebecca Cusey

    Yes. I was shocked myself. I was thinking “Did we see the same movie?” Funny thing is that Jen, who I totally respect and who knows WAY more about pop culture and movies than I do, felt the same way. She was astounded that I loved it.