6 Steps to a Better Bieber: An Open, Motherly Letter to Justin

6 Steps to a Better Bieber: An Open, Motherly Letter to Justin January 23, 2014

We could feel it coming, couldn’t we? The next shoe dropping. Justin Bieber was reportedly arrested early this morning for drag racing a Lamborghini through the streets of Miami. He failed a sobriety test and was taken in for further testing and processing.

Last week police found narcotics in his home after obtaining a search warrant because Bieber allegedly caused $20k worth of damage throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house.

Plus there are allegations of use of prostitutes.

Justin, baby, we love ya but it’s time to get a grip. Here are some steps to becoming a better Bieber:

1) Admit you have a problem.

I know, I know. You’re Justin Bieber. Just like Lindsay was Lindsay Lohan and Paris was Paris Hilton and Robert was Robert Downey Jr. Guess what? They all ended up in jail. Americans have a high tolerance for celebrity hijinx, but there is a limit to the law and to our patience. In any case, consider: Is this the person you always imagined being? The person you wanted to be? The person you’re proud of being? You’re headed down a bad road, sweetie. Admit it. Admitting it is always the first step.

2) Get off the stage.

You’re the first real social media star, coming to us via YouTube, amassing 49 million twitter followers. You don’t just perform on stage. You live on it. That audience is always there in the social media footlights, waiting for you. And whether you know it or not, you’re showing off for them. It’s no longer good for you. Step off. Step away. Shut down the Twitter. Stop the Instagram. Just be Bieber for a while.

3) Seek help.

Remember Robert Downey Jr.? He turned his life around. Give him a call. Find someone who can understand, just a little, what it’s like to be in the spotlight like you are. Find a program. Find a mentor. Find help.

4) Go back to church.

You’ve never been quiet about your faith. God doesn’t go away when you’re in trouble. He doesn’t stop loving you when you misbehave. In fact He is close to those who struggle. Now you’re 19 and maybe it all seems so silly and quaint, but I bet faith nudges at you. I bet Jesus calls to you. It’s time. Time to find a grown up faith of your own. Time to admit you don’t have all the answers, even though you’re an international superstar, time to spend a while on your knees, connecting to something bigger than yourself.

5) Pursue your art with passion.

You have a God-given, innate talent. You were put on this earth to make music. There is no doubt about that. So dive in again. Make music about what it’s like to be a 19-year-old Bieber. Study music. Love music. Not for the labels or the fans or money, but to feed that need inside you.

6) Give your money away.

Nothing sobers up a rich, spoiled kid like seeing real need. Make it your second passion, your earthly job, to give away your blessings in ways that matter. You do this already somewhat, but make it a focus in place of partying like you’re, well, a rock star. You’ve spoken about abortion. Find some pregnant women or motherless children who need help. Learn about human trafficking and its relationship with prostitution and fight it. International Justice Mission is a great place to start. Fight hunger, poverty, disease, whatever tugs at your heartstrings. You have great power to make a difference, something some of us only dream about.

Justin, there are a lot of us rooting for you. We believe in you. We know your story is not over and we can’t wait to see what you do in the next 70 years of your life.

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  • Margaret

    Thank you for this. As the mother of a 12-yare-old “Belieber,” it touched my heart.

  • Thank you. The story isn’t over. It’s just not.