The Dignity of Work: Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe Narrates Beautiful ‘I Am A Factory’ TV Spot

Did you see this commercial?

In case you missed it, here are the words of the end of the commercial:

But I am still here and I believe I will rise again.

We will build things and build families and build dreams.

It’s time to get back to what America does best.

Because work is a beautiful thing.

I find it moving.

I also find it sad that in this day and age, a major corporation like WalMart has to make the case for, of all things, work being a good thing. But if you doubt the dignity work brings, check out this spot, also from WalMart, that I found even more moving:

“You’re responsible for your own being. Nobody owes anything but love and respect.”

We should all be like Robert.

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