New: See ‘The Giver,’ Help a Kid Learn to Read


If you buy a ticket to The Giver during Labor Day Weekend, you’ll be helping advance literacy in the United States.

Fifty cents of each The Giver movie ticket sold during Labor Day Weekend will be donated to the NEA Foundation in support of the NEA’s Ticket to a Better World initiative to raise up to a quarter of a million dollars to buy books for those children most in need.

The Giver itself is one of the most beloved middle grade books ever, probably because it captures so perfectly that transition from the fog of childhood to the begging of clarity in adolescence.

So it you buy a ticket to the movie, you’ll help kids learn to read so they can enjoy the book. Trippy!

For more information, visit Walden’s announcement here.

Or read my review of The Giver. (Spoiler: I liked it.)

And you can read my interview with Jeff Bridges, which was awesome, while you’re at it.

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